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Libertarian-Liberal Senior Public Safety Group with the LIO

Group is one of 3 advisory networks of LIO, the 2 others being the cultural Fellows Board of advisors and observers,  and LIO Friends network for social entrepreneurs and activists.

Group consists of senior or promising retired public officials, military, and diplomatists driving change towards liberal, federalist, and open secular society from all parties and persuasions. While informed of the LIO approach, they use their freely chosen strategies. Many are deeply interested in best practices, facilitating Libertarian and other intentional community, mediating conflict, conferences on long-term threats, and rights issues. All are working towards world peace and mitigating abuses; many advise on policing and public safety local betterment and the suppression of organized crime, extremism, gangsterism, and corporate rackets. LIO does not co-ordinate their work in any way, but LIO themes help serve as a mutual toolkit.

Group works by advising the curator while encouraging dialogue among colleagues and is confidential in nature, though some allow their names to be used after death. Involvement is by invitation only, and there are members in every country. If you're interested, please get involved in our Board Fellows' projects or Friends network to see if LIO truly interests you.