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 Welcome to the LIO Fellows!

LIO Fellow, author, and rights Attorney  Laura Mascaro, Spain, leads  information campaigns in Europe to legalize home- and alternative- schools and other civic rights as co-chair. Her brother, journalist and economic analyst Toni Mascaro is also current Fellows honorary chair. Honorary chair emeritus Dr. Ralph Swanson began participation in 1939 under then chair H. G. Wells, and was a key driver in the modern global civil rights, voluntaryist and self-empowerment movements when LIO was the Libertarian-Liberal League. Modern LIO uses a voluntarist and centrist social democracy with  community or personal non-participation options, and autonomous scientific societies and salons for all  as a common starting point.


Derived from the last freeholder (Libertario) councils revived in the 1750's, and reflecting the traditional Gil-Lemos role as their champion, Michael Gil Taboada De Lemos proposed a world of free republics with peaceful Libertarian communities, and interested initially the several Greek, Jewish, and Chine (Lee clan) branches in the project, along with many eminent persons in each nation.  With his cousins led by the Galvez (afer whom Galveston, TX, USA is named) he rallied Cuban-Mexican  militia that saved the  US revolution,  then outlined the Spanish and other Latin Liberal constitutions. Henrietta Michaela Herz Lemos famed salon and encouragement of local 'Individualist' clubs drove anti-poverty, anti-slavery, pro-science and other movements. In recent years the current curator, Michael Gilson De Lemos, developed a strict voluntarist outline, launched a global rights and futurist movement with LIO separated from other Lemos projects, and regularized LIO functions with a trained curatorship of a related person preferably  of 170+ IQ and Aristotelian, interdisciplinary and  diplomatist education. to give continuity.

Originally the LIO predecessors, led by famed Peter Lemos and the tragic Alfonse D'Este, drove the initial independent learned and cartographic-exploration societies and academies in tandem with spreading free cities anchored by freeholder (Libertario)councils against the tyrants of the times and humanity's greatest foe, ignorance. We continue this networking and salon approach.

LIO now operates as 3 honorary advisory networks to the curator-coordinator who provides guiding advice, and also as inspirations to the young and both resources to the public and each other according to their own autonomous strategies. The LIO Mission is to promote in a non-partisan fashion interest in voluntary and non-authoritarian management. These include  co-ops, tools. and associations for rights-protection and progress especially as betterment engines in science, practical arts and public administration; with emphasis on formation of LIO/Libertarian-interested networls and eventual model eco-communities and cities as areas of stabilization and incubators of innovation, following rights-based law or mediation.

  • The Fellows Board (about 600) of advisers (pledged Libertarians) and observers are persons of promise or achievement on SMILE lines. Apply.
  • The LIO Friends Network are  activists working on and sharing links on SMILE interest non-partisan voluntary social entrepreneurship/ LIO community.and info projects worldwide,  Join!
  • The Group (about 600) are by invitation only to work in confidence on dialogue on open and federalist democracy or public safety improvement matters.

LIO and the modern Libertarian and Liberal movement aim to be culturally reflective of their respective countries and with LIO also 55% women. While champioining the conservative and over-riding role of the traditional extended family and household and the autonomy of its internal and self-chosen rules, , no person should suffer derision or discrimnation in a better world; safe-removal of embryos and development of meat substitutes to ward sentient creatures is of great interest.

LIO neither accepts nor donates money but is volunteer, and works by proposing lines of collegiate dialogue, autonomy, or solidarity. Libertarianism expressly smiles on all systems of application that are voluntary and reasonable, but we focus on LIO tools.

Some Recent LIO Fellows of Note

LIO observers and advisors, and friends of the curator--the honorary Fellows--are volunteers that kindly assist the SMILE work by serving as advisors, inspirers to the young, or interested observers. They act by informal mutual consultation and may investigate topics for the curator. They do not necessarily agree with all LIO projects, but pursue and share their autonomous strategies as of progress and developers of startling perspectives.

We invite you to draw courage and inspiration from their work in your own efforts..

  • Charles Conrad
  • P.K. Dick
  • Will Durant
  • R. Ettinger
  • Ramon Franco
  • R. Goddard
  • Paul P. Harris
  • Robert Heinlein
  • S. de Madariaga
  • Swami Muktananda
  • J. Ortega y Gasset
  • Gene Roddenberry
  • W.P. Rogers
  • Y. St-Laurent
  • G. Santayana
  • G. Harry Stine
  • H. Wallace
  • Andrew D. White
  • Lin Yutang
  • X. Zubiri
  • Zhao Ziyang
  • Nora Stanton Barney
  • B. Bhutto
  • Helena Cordero
  • Karen Danielsen
  • Dorothy Day
  • Ariel Durant
  • G. Ferraro
  • Rosalind Franklin
  • Zenna Henderson
  • Beulah Henry
  • Grete Hermann
  • K. Spark Jones
  • Mildred Loving
  • Maria Meyer
  • C.L.Moore
  • A. Rand
  • Charlotte Smith
  • E. Cady Stanton
  • H. Suzman
  • G. Swanson
  • S. Valadon

Some Recent Curators & Co-Ordinators

 LIO curators take a vow of modest living so as not to be tempted by unseemly material concerns.  The LIO curator also facilitates and co-ordinates the advisory boards, assisted by other co-ordinators he or she appoints.

They aim to seek out and address the greatest evils and opportunities of the time, manintain the long range attitude, and bring unusual people together who might not so otherwise. 


 Saying 'Predict a noble future by building it,' Michael Gilson-De Lemos, known as "MG" began training in 1978 and took position in 1997. He has greatly expanded the council from a relatively small and discreet group to a sprawling network championing edgy voluntary projects of innovation, voluntary approaches to public administration  and eventual Libertarian eco-communities in every city.  He is retired as a Fortune 500 consultant developing participatory systems of improvement.

His ground breaking BA covered several concentrations--Business, Philosophy, Psychology, Economics, Education studies--and he finished work in 5 experimental unaccredited Ph.D's for the Hi-IQ  in Philosophy & Law, Literature & Poetry, Management & Mathematical Operations Research, History, and Diplomatic Studies & War started under his cousins, philosophers E. Gilson and Lin Li Yutang.

He worked on sensitive missions at the behest of LIO Fellow Ronald Reagan instrumental in ending the Cold War and crushing many dictatorships.

He grew up in Europe, has two black belts, and  is a past union hypnotist. Disabled, he is assisted by his daughter, who will likely be next co-ordinator and is editing his satirical commentary and poetry, plus work on philosophy, management, and social science.

... of predecessor Liberal-Libertarian League:

 With distant cousin Paul Gilson, who was instrumental in founding Sister Cities, philosopher Etienne Gilson developed  the council as a set of leagues of contact encouraging leaders in arts, affairs and technology, after taking position in 1918. He himself attained fame as an advocate of study of rational philosophers such as Aquinas and Aristotle, citizen study of the Great Books, and advisor to the founding of projects such as the Liberal International to foment free countries as needed bulwarks of civilization. He founded an international Institute for medieval studies, and was a popular writer on many topics. He spoinsored many studies of anarchist and communal thought, and worked with Catholic Anarchist and adviser Dorothy Day to that end.

Poet and  soldier Robert  Quilter Gilson died leading his troops while training as prospective curator. By tradition he and to some extent the council's saga  served as inspiration for the famous Lord of the Rings, a story of a league of guidance as true defense of all free peoples against absolute power's temptation: that it can do good.

 Michael de Gilson Lemos co-founded the Brazilian Republic and designed its flag, created a movement with cousin Banjamin Constant to introduce rationalist philosophies, and peacefully led the abolition of slavery. He advised in the creation of democracy in Japan, Spain, and elsewhere. He was patron to several proto-Libertarian co-operatives, towns and communities, and  conceptualized with H.G. Wells what is today the UN Declaration of Rights. He was trustee in converting the de Lemos fortune into a series of foundations to promote technology, bathing and hygiene, and expose corrupt officials. He died in 1917.