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...Part of our SMILE approach is Empowerment of Libertarian community.

The mission of the movement and LIO is: To help people start LIO/Libertarian-interested and Libertarian-based voluntary communities--from households to networks to designd communitioes to eco-cities to  transnational entities--via  "I LEAP!" means: Simultaneous interpersonal-leadership development, legislative, educative, action community, public administration and wins!-documentation lines (adopted USLP/LIO 1985). LIO itself drives action by highlighting and networking inspiring leaders and resources at all levels of involvement so each can 'lvereage' their own abilities with others following their independent strategies.

Our starter- basic community platforms are being placed in every country or area of 1.3 MM+ population to network those interested in SMILE tools and volunteer or voluntary actions that benefit their personal-home, work, and civic community. A mother model is underway at http://www.pinellaslibertarian.org/ that as of 2011 has people in 24 public offices and a base of 3000+ participants. Please enjoy these growing free support linkss, and let friends know.