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NASA Privatization, State 'Spaceport America' 90% Done

Posted on September 25, 2011 at 5:40 AM

Libertarian concepts of space privatization and localization continue as NASA announces stepped up use of more voluntary-oriented private ventures as "a support entity" for asteroid and other use --while Spaceport America, a state-level venture to create a private-public spaceport in New Mexico, USA, is nearing 90% completion. The link is at: http://www.spaceportamerica.com/

The efforts represent a far cry from when LIO Fellows persuaded the American Astronautical Society in 1977 to sponsor a conference to study private space industrialization and colonization. The conference concluded with the then revolutionary proposal that centralized government agencies should give way to increased voluntary and private companies or at least local ventures, and proceed as a tool for peace. In 1990 LIO Fellows hosted workshops to make state level spaceports and asteroid mining a  reality, and encouraged visioning of autonomous space colonies.

In future years LIO Fellows and activists will be working on bringing interest in low-cost planetary and interstellar space colonization and development minimizing coercive government involvement, replacing uninsured government regulation for private insurance and liability, and international protocols to assure peaceful use and ending space junk. Other countries such as Mexico are examining space freeports and another US state, Virginia, has a spaceport as well: http://www.marsspaceport.com/


The Third Industrial Revolution, G. Harry Stine.


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