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Posted on July 28, 2007 at 11:20 AM

Left: Laid-back but determined Spanish Libertarians have revived the Red Liberal-Libertaria, founded by LIO in 1970,  as part of the effort. They publish numerous columns and articles, and are working to expand that country's relative drug liberalization, to lower taxes, and raise awareness of things like Libertarian-oriented Austrian Economics. The paradigm is no one is finding out about Libertarianism. Think again.


A push by the Libertarian International Organization has led to the presence of Libertarians in every UN member country for the first time. The verification finished July 17, 2007.




"This is a great and milestone day for Libertarianism," said Vince Miller when he learned that things were coming to completion this spring, and who leads the International Society for Individual Liberty.(www.ISIL.org). "The next step are structured Libertarian Clubs and e-groups in every country, then we should look into...clubs for community of to 10 million people, and also many want a mechanism of strict Libertarian political training and communication among student Libertarians in all countries" on a non-partisan basis.


Miller, asked to give some perspective,  added: "With over 20% of the people in the US, thanks to the efforts of the last Libertarian generation, now polling Libertarian-leaning and many as explicitly Libertarian, a Libertarian political center is forming larger than European center groups, for example. A few determined people have cleared the way for a technological and cultural revolution that's already happening. We can replicate the process in other countries, spreading what was learned in the US and Canada."


"Many Libertarians have committed  that the next step is we we must inform that center that coercive government is no longer 'needed' and voluntary options exist, and get them into a self-conscious movement. Naturally, we can expect the establishment to use every dirty trick top stop this.They don't want a Liberal Center that can drive political change, much less a strict Libertarian center at its center." People tested at least 5% Libertarian-leaning in 1970 according to University of Michigan studies commissioned then."We've tilled the soil, now we need to plant the seed and till everywhere."




"This will be a generational effort, as was the effort to get to this point: A Libertarian/Libertarian-friendly  core team in every community, with people in public office, academics, lists of achievements, consumer networks, etc. There is alos a problem of right-wing and other infiltartioons to derail Libertarian groups, and a 'back-to-basics return to the Club system with new tools and materials based on what we've learned gives the 'best bang for the buck' will train a Libertarian base immune to that problem," he said.


LIO agrees. The LIO will be working to extend its Libertarian Clubs initiative (which now replace the old LIO Clubs) to every country and major university, and a team patroned by Libertarian Hollywood producer Aaron Russo (of the movie 'Trading Places') will assist in the effort. The Clubs will advance LIO programs, network the policy association of Libertarians, and also serve as "boot camps" of Libertarian education plus continuous solo and small team action based on best practice information LIO has developed and is outlined in the 3rd US LP Strategic Plan. LIO will also create support for those goals, which are meant for continual improvement.




Miller said ISIL will advise the Club effort, which will give new participants a free "Welcome Wagon" package of free e-books and links to an array of Libertarian and Libertarian-interest groups: "The USLP and its creations were originally a convenience for our predecessor SIL. Unfortunately, SIL Club activity stopped as people saw the USLP as the gateway for political action, instead of one tool. The LIO Clubs, after consultation with ISIL and USLP, will create an association of strict, pledged Libertarians and general human rights activists, learners and supporters who will then manage political activity using the USLP charters and other party groups as well. The path will be you get trained by the Clubs them choose your venue; not as we see today, join the USLP and then discover SIL, the Advocates and other things later." Miller said that SIL is looking into reviving its own Clubs in student areas as well. 




LIO has also formed a Subcommittee for an unregistered transnational party and certification effort, following a revision of protocols in 2002  with the US LP, which charters or recognizes Libertarian-oriented parties under a formal Operating Agreement sometimes called the Windhoek Process (agrrement with world libertarian groups) or Dallas Accord (as per USLP and ISIL relations). The Subcommittee will certify Libertarian campaigners and focus on promoting direct democracy, appointive public office, and non-partisan elective office worldwide primarily at local or regional levels, and Rose Friedman has agreed to be patroness of the advisory group. In due course the group may charter LIO authorized parties at the local level that meet performance standards. People will be encouraged to remain in their own parties as the movement moves from a 'publicity/impermanent platform/candidate/sustaining contributor or member' or PICS model to a 'saturation outreach/certification standards/implementation spread /policy association' or SCIP model. At present over 50 Libertarians in public office have requested information. 


Full Clubs launch date is set for sometime in 2008-2009 depending on volunteer manpower.Clubs will provide a yahoo e-group platform, reading program approved by the International Program Committee, free or low-cost growth materials using the  I LEAP! process, and integrated action programs for personal and community improvement. UPDATE: A pilot Club is at www.TampaBayLibs.org . You may register for Club updates at www.libertarian-citizen.org and check out the reading lists of free e-books. UPDATE: A party under our facilitator's personal supervision at www.LPFPinellas.org using the I LEAP! process in contact with a regional Club




The final effort was led by LIO co-ordinator Ralph Swanson, whose team scoured the internet for Libertarian-friendly postings and persons interested in Libertarian themes or contact with English speakers. It also went into e-areas where people tend to be self-motivated and progressive, such as Green Party groups, stamp and coin clubs, science fiction, Mensa, and similar e-groups. "We essentially used lateral thinking and have contacted based on the young, politically and culturally progressive, and most intelligent in each country," he said. "Also, the US LP shared over 1000 contact names in many countries to help the push, ISIL shared many leads and inquiries in countries where it has no presence, and the de Lemos family has shared key leads for our Board of Libertarian-friendly political and commercial figures."




"With the vast infrastructure such as CATO, Von Mises, and hundreds of independent news groups and blogs created in the last generation, with the thousands of laws we've removed, promoting Libertarianism and implementing the tools will be easier than ever. The job will be to let people know, not explain Libertarianism 101 or try and re-invent platforms," said Swanson.


"By 2012 90% of the benefit of Libertarian activism will be putting on a bumpersticker and alerting your personal network of Libertarianism. The infrastructure will do much of the rest, and new Libertarians in even small countries will have a sense of working in co-ordination with a world movement." 




LIO will also by 2010 begin a new registration program for the Libertarian pledge based on the upcoming LIO plan to address the growth of Libertarian-leaning persons. Registrants may check off whether they are Libertarian interested, oriented (Classical Liberal), direction, or to LIO standard.The goal is a d-base of 10,000 concerned people in every community of 1 million.


Libertarians in Florida and Costa Rica have agreed to help pilot the techniques and Florida areas serve as "Ground Zero" for "mother club" close study. Florida Libertarians have already installed an initiative process of direct democracy, and programs friendly to Libertarians in public office. LIO will transfer its many privately circulated advisories such as this one to a 'WINS' oriented website, and Florida Club members will develop a positive site for all Libertarian activity as a model as well. " Regional Mother Clubs are under discussion in several countries as well.


Clubs will also interact with the LIO cultural 'SMILE' agenda of Space Migration, Mechanical assistants, Intelligence increase and personal autonomy tools, Libertarian standard community, and Extension of life, said Swanson. Based on input of those seeking to start a club, they will be organized as private entities with set infrastructure and non-voting participation so people can focus on implementation. Libertarian archivist and documenter Julie Chorgo, who also is a Libertarian in Public Office, has agreed to drive these efforts and serve as facilitator.






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