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Posted on October 14, 2008 at 12:44 PM

Costa Rica, October 2008--The myth is that Libertarians can't get elected to high office and are right-wing anyway. Change your paradigm.

Libertarian centrists are pushing conservatives and progressive wings to think anew with a hardening  line as they declare choice an inherent theme of human rights no law can restrict.


"Legislative efforts to restrict sexual diversity, including of gay and lesbians, are human rights violations," said Libertarian Congressman Carlos Gutierrez of Costa Rica. He invited conservative and progressive legislators in the Congress to join Libertarians in dialogue in a move hailed by Latin American activists as a breakthrough: 'Libertarians have raised the bar.'


"This is a theme of rights. Today we realize that laws punishing people for being Jews, Blacks, Communists, Illiterate, a Single Mother or a Natural Son seem monstrous. We say this generation has a duty  to break that paradigm for people of a diverse sexual orientation." With supporters noting that with even the Catholic Church getting rid of Limbo, "Why do we tolerate  a Judicial Limbo? They are not diseased or contagious. People have a human right to have relations, share retirement funds, or make hospital visits to those they love," he said.

Libertarians worldwide have launched or joined coalitions, information colloquia, and attended events to rally support on efforts such as protecting civil unions and diversity of household arrangements. LIO (www.libertarian-international.org) activists promote quiet dialogue among conseervatives and progressives, positioning the issue as not merely one of diversity but inherent human rights. In the US, Libertarian leaning GOP Congressman Ron Paul says a fruitful 'first step' is to keep Federal  laws out of the issue. Increasingly, even conservative European countries such as Catholic Spain see civil unions as 'inherent policy.'


RESOURCE: With, in 2 decades, over 80 members in public office including 1/10th of the legislature, plus projects for libertarian-leaning  communities, poverty reduction, tax cuts, and a consumer union, the dynamic Costa Rica Libertarian Movement is a libertarian-liberal alliance for human rights. Party: www.libertario.org ; Youth and policy education:  www.institutolibertad.org/  and Consumer Union: www.consumidoreslibres.org/

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