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David Nolan's Last Articles to Be Published Here

Posted on March 27, 2011 at 3:48 PM

David Nolan championed new rights parties of voluntary solutions.

--By Ralph Swanson, LIO Past Advisory Chair

A series of joint short articles with US Libertarian Party founder David Nolan addressing LIO topics of interest under the title "The Libertarian Future" will be published here under my byline. The articles will include criticisms of current problems in the US LP, reviews of hard-to-get activist data, and positioning of LIO projects Nolan was advising and championing, including global spread of LIO and additional Libertarian-direction parties.

The articles were created in the late '90's for when they were needed; and had been finalized by Nolan after recent review. They were slated for issue about the upcoming 40th anniversary of the US LP founding starting last December. My final editing review has been delayed due to Mr. Nolan's untimely passing on, and my recent health issues since December. I hope you anjoy them.


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