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LIO Monthly Site Topics Revamped

Posted on March 27, 2011 at 3:25 PM

The LIO site will start a new format of topics in April, 2011 (Updated May, September 2011). Each month will be dedicated to a key theme of interest to friends and activists, along with thinkpieces and profiles of current interest. The format is approximate and will be introduced gradually. As themes are updated we will return to about 5-12 thinkpieces yearly centered mostly on LIO Fellows

  • Starting in March  four months will deal with the four segments of the LIO program for civic betterment (Democratization for choice, De-coercive law, Devolution for choice of services and international Development of peace );
  • In  August and September  special focus on LIO Friends and their exemplery and autonomous personal projects of partcipation or leadership in advancing voluntary alternatives, editorials, advisories, and project statuses..
  • October -February monthly focus on each area of the SMILE initiatives with the work of LIO Fellows.
  • In July Highlights of the last year in building Libertarian-interested community and Liberal structures and update on conferences and events of interest: the "I LEAP!" areas of building Libertarian-interested networks and community e.g. Interpersonal, Legislative/Coalition and Think Tanks, Educative/Action Community, and Public Administration/ Public Office Key by LIO Friends.

As always, items will focus on reviews of lead Libertarians and LIO fans at work, plus data, advisories and examples of voluntary action that refute mistaken paradigms on what Libertarians are actually doing--while providing useful templates for team action and discussion.

From time to time a PDF e-zine style summary of Libertarian action suitable for creating flyers based on the items will be linked, as we say, in due course. Mayl 2011 will therefore focus on Development for international peace and the key projects underway.


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