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Infrastructure by Choice: Friedman on SeaSteads, More

Posted on March 1, 2011 at 6:25 AM

For decades LIO's Milton Friedman worked on issues internationally from abolishing the draft to freeing up markets and ending poverty with limited government tools. Now his relative Patri Friedman is an LIO Fellow and helping people discuss how to bring more societal choice through small and designed community tools, especially free cities and new mini-countries. In addition, his network includes people working on cleaning up the oceans and other ecological issues using market or voluntary tools.

Friedman has brought together interested activists from around the world to study and present commercially viable sea communities and alternatives such as charter communities. He invites those interested to join his groups and monitor and contribute with the many intellectuals, business investors, and interested consumers involved. The LIO encourages general use of Libertarian and voluntaristic tools to design innovative and stabilizing communities, eco-villages and co-housing experiments, and dialogue on clean oceans with residential but minimal industrial or drilling use by e.g. coastal eco-parks with both common and family permenent seastead use.

The USA has over 15,000 competing governments, and people increasingly accept that once territorially based public services can be privatized by firms or non-profit groups and offered locally or on the market e.g. phone service co-operatives  or competing cell phone companies instead of a state monopoly as existed before Libertarians got involved. In addition, Libertarians have driven a relaxation of localism impediments leading to an explosion of designed communities and housing co-operatives in e.g. the US  that act with whatever level of governance participants desire. Many feel what the Friedman group is studying is an important next step.


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