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US:LIO Libertarian Fans, Fellows for Fair, Open Ballots

Posted on March 3, 2011 at 6:22 PM

LIO Fan turned Fellow Christina Tobin discusses election improvements with Mr. Grayson, Kentucky, USA Secretary of State.

LIO fans continue expanding their work in bringing low-requirement and fair ballots and elections to every country. One target is the US itself, where Libertarians have been chipping away at laws over 4 decades that made third parties difficult until a few years ago...but much remains to be done. Christina Tobin co-ordinates various coalitions and efforts in the US that work for fair ballot access and elections, inspiring many worldwide to work to improve democracies on a non-partisan basis to better citizen participation.

Common ballot problems, advocates say, include nonsense requirements, unrealistic signature levels, ill-trained officials, bizarre party qualifications, and openly hostile legislation.



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