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LIO Adviser Dr. Sharon Presley:Thought Tools for All

Posted on December 2, 2010 at 11:41 AM

Dr.Presley formed the Libertarian Alliance in the mid-60's, and has been a tireless proponent of rational thought and assistive tools such as the freedom of the internet.

We're pleased to welcome back Dr. Sharon Presley, a pioneering Libertarian activist and champion of rational thought for all, not a few academics.


Dr. Presley helped form the US Libertarian Alliance, which with the Radical Libertarian Alliance, ISIL and LIO organized interest in focused and distinct (as opposed to working through other groups or movements alone) cultural change using Libertarian tools. This led to the revival and foundation of Libertarian Parties and, according to fan Salvador Madariaga, father of the European Community and the Liberal International, a refocus of the Liberal movement on choice-based solutions.


This interest as championed by Dr. Presley included a review of history and the social sciences with research on unsung proto-Libertarian activists and feminists of past centuries; promotion of Libertarianism defined as an interdisciplinary field of study and application; and civic action with conscious and overt use of voluntary approaches. Above all, Dr. Presley urged expanded teaching of thinking tools into the grade schools and popular magazines, noting optional logic and critical thinking courses at the university level was too little, too late. Citizens should question authorities, and experts from salespeople to doctors should adopt a more informational and consultative approach.


Dr. Presley predicted against sceptics and regulators the value of the internet for research and critical thinking for all by making resources locked in libraries readily searchable and free; and has warned against attempts to under color of law restrict the internet. She herself has accumulated tools for thinking so they're available internationally to all.


Her work has been influential. Dr. Presley has been a catalyst and voice forming the trend for independent evaluation by an increasingly educated, peer-educated, and self-educated, society.

  • In the US, for example, professionals such as physicians go to increasing lengths to inform patients and involve them in the healing process. This is as opposed to many countries where, often encouraged by coercive public systems,  they remain  brusque and fail to either inform or be informed by the patient, causing many mis-medications.
  • Seminars on creative and efficient thinking, understanding the emotions, and "logic for kids" are increasingly popular.
  • People now regularly consult the internet before talking to professionals, and providers have responded with a wealth of forums, info-sites and research facilities tailored to every interest. Regulators are increasingly finding their rules challenged by consumers clamoring and able to obtain contray information.

Dr. Presley has combined her inspirational work in several websites to form a valuable part in Libertarian education, practical tools for everyone, feminist perspective, and paradigm change.



>Use and share her sites

>Ask that reason oriented workshops come to local schools

>Urge civic leaders to focus on fact-based and measurable policies


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