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Kennon Gilson:Teen Libertarian in 5 Public Offices, LIO Co-editor

Posted on November 1, 2010 at 8:07 PM

Libertarian in Public Office Kennon Gilson addresses county commissioners that he advises on local TV.


Kennon Gilson, son of LIO co-ordinator Michael Gilson-De Lemos, and is a US teen Libertarian in 5 appointive public and quasi-public offices. These include posts such as County Youth Advisory Board and 2 local Library Councils. He received his first post at 14, being one of the youngest Libertarians in public office anywhere. He is also a youth observer to a citizen task force on public safety for the local mayor.


He has so far been instrumental in initiatives stopping a tax rise and studying greater emphasis on voluntary alternatives and policing.


While emphasizing he "is still learning every day" he has taken on a project to help animate youth in seeking non-partisan appointive and local elective public office from a Libertarian perspective, and start a journal on recommendations of Libertarians in public office. He has been key in developing his local Libertarian-interest social community to several hundred participants. He is also now co-editor for the LIO main site and Facebook highlighting activist work. His work has drawn favorable comments and interest not only from the County Commissioners, but notables in the movement.


Kennon urges LIO supporters to consider non-partisan appointive public office involvement to assist their activism and social entrepreneurship, and interest in change through the initiative process and direct democracy. He feels that we're seeing the rise of second-generation Libertarian youth less inclined to see Libertarianism through the political blinders of the past and who take voluntary solutions as a starting point.


Kennon emphasizes that despite his political talents, he has no interest in politics except to use his experience to encourage citizen involvement in non-partisan office and change through citizen initiatives.

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