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LIO Community Project Book Clubs Unveiled

Posted on November 2, 2010 at 4:05 PM

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EDITORIAL by Ralph Swanson, past LIO Honorary Advisory Board Chair

The LIO Project for Libertarian Citizenship and Community replaces the old LIO Clubs and focuses on the creation of non-partisan Libertarian and Libertarian-Interest communities from households on using interpersonal, legislative, educative, activist, and political-civic means, assisting the fundamental mission of the Libertarian movement with support projects in each area. These have been tested to pilot community projects along those areas over the last few years.

Now, a project of book-civic action e-clubs around a set reading program--developed by a team assisting the LIO co-ordinator co-chaired by Milton Friedman and myself-- is being rolled out, with a video to put on your site and share with friends, eventual e-groups in every country, and free e-books and low cost readings supporting the LIO Program and also the SMILE initiative. The project was initially developed by M. Gilson-De Lemos, Vince Miller (www.isil.org) and Virginia Heinlein.

The Clubs are facilitated by Libertarian in public office Julie Chorgo, and are meant to serve as a nucleus and support platform of continuity and intake for not just LIO but all interested groups. Clubs may meet for coffee or household study the 3rd Saturday of each month. Other elements will follow in due course. Link to your site for free e-books and spread the good word. The Clubs are non-partisan. Finally, we're delighted to have as project patron Dr. Ken Schooland, whose work "Jonathan Gullible" is the lead reading along with his site's free Libertarian Flash in many languages.


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