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Libertarian Ideas of Spacesteading Advance

Posted on September 10, 2010 at 12:33 PM



US President Obama announced a seismic shift in US policy towards space colonization driven by private entities. Already private-public spaceports exist or are being planned in New Mexico and other states. The matter was first proposed in 1977 at a Libertarian-driven conference on Space Colonization by the American Astronautical Society and international divisions, organized by past LIO Honorary Chair G. Harry Stine, viewed as a father of the modern space effort.


Observers feel that while this may slow return to the Moon and other projects initially, it will lead to vast projects on a firmer basis that will not call for taxation.




LIO will continue to encourage networking to the citizen level on these issues: a safe garden Earth for everyone with sensible Space/Sea homesteading brought by voluntary and peaceful means.


Enthusiasts have begun to build rockets and work to allow more options--



Space privatization and citizen empowerment has gone to the point where hobby groups are building spacecraft.Danish volunteers build manned spacecraft ...


A team of Danish volunteers has built a rocket capable of manned suborbital flight, and will be launching it...

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