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Posted on January 17, 2004 at 12:33 PM

Costa Rican Libertarian Congressman Otto Guevara talks about Libertarianism at local High School. "The first job of a Libertarian Party is to educate, especially on where we're suceeding, and local problem solving activism is also  critical," he says. Costa Rica LP, in a country of 4 MM,  has 5 people in Congress.

With the advent of hundreds of Libertarians in office, the IPC of the LIO recommended a special Peer Committee of professional standards based on the new program to serve as a transnational unregistered party, as one of its last acts. "Platforms are dead. We need standards for implementation, and have created them," said Dr. Milton Friedman. "We don't want pseudo-Libertarianism from the left and right, but don't want to second guess the broader movement either. Therefore we feel the need for 2 parties to address the dynamic."


The Committee, which will include pro-Libertarians as Associate Fellows, will certify, mentor or train, and publish a site and occasional PDF letter on advances in Voluntary Governance to inform public, public office holder, and non-Libertarian public officeholder alike. The USLP and LIO agreed on non-LIO standards in 2003, including a workbook based on a reformat of its platform and a strategic plan toolkit. The USLP has developed critical expertise and this will aid in world dissemination, according to US LP Political Director Ron Crickenberger.




In addition, after analysis of activity in New Zealand with the Liberal and broader based ACT Party and the more vanguard Libertarianz, and the work of the Progressive Democrats in Ireland, LIO will follow a concept of highlighting Liberal-Libertarian parties, but through the Committee guiding volunteers forming model LIO parties to carry out specific implementation of the LIO Program. LIO parties will focus on proven or promising items, saturation outreach built on LIO Club activity in consultation with ISIL, and where 95% of the offices are: non-partisan appointive and elective office. It will also focus on direct implementation by the citizen via Direct Democracy of Libertarian or Libertarian-direction or oriented structures. As such it will lay better ground for the current Libertarian-direction or Liberal Parties.


Parties like the Costa Rica party said they will try to do both at once, and the US LP signed an operating understanding on the subject. The Florida LP has asked to be "Ground Zero" in the process via its IMP program. LIO will note only local or small country party efforts to its standard.


Vincent Miller of ISIL said this would revive the concept of the parties as tools and conveniences of e.g. ISIL and pledged Libertarians, where "People got a foundation first."




The IPC agreed the Clubs focus as a first milestone on know best pactices already attainable e.g. Libertarian lists of 10,000 and 30+ Libertarian in public office in a long term plan. UPDATE: www.pinellaslibertarians.org started in 2004 and is now about a third way there, providing proof of concept.


The Committee will be launched after 2008 based on documentation project completion and parties developed based on local interest. In general Clubs will have to show a certain level of action such as people in appointive office before an LIO Party is chartered, said IPC.


LIO's ultimate aim in these matters is the creation of a new board of local Permanent Secretaries per 1 MM population that are advancing a variety of Libertarian/Freeholder/Libertarian-conversant Communities or networks as areas of stabilization in their wider communities, including explicit voluntary city policies.



USLP Strategic Plan Toolkit:





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