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LIO Libertarians: Super HI-IQ SMILE Circle Formalized

Posted on December 28, 2011 at 9:10 AM

An informal contact Circle to locate and engage the Super-High IQ/EQ underway by LIO since 1972 has been formalized. More people are 'Supers' given the massive increase in population than ever, with likely new heights of IQ/EQ being attained.

In general, those with over 165-175+  IQ's (Einstein level or above) are highly favorable to LIO voluntaristic themes.The group will engage those of regular high genius (over 140 or able to do Master to PhD work). About 5000 adults in the world are targeted and many now interface with the Circle. If you do well on EQ or pschological maturity tests and US College GRE's (~1500+) or SAT's (~1500 V + M) you may be a Super please contact LIO.

The Circle will have a contact Facebook and other public means more for awareness purposes, but actually work through ad-hoc contact on agreed themes. It is not meant as a formal LIO advisory entity at this point, but an awareness-raising venture.


Circle felt that current political nations as structures and the economic crisis ignored the massive changes happening because saturation of college education (25% of population ) was being reached with great shifts in competency expectations, choice desires, and personal needs e.g.  the need to allow the rise of a leisure-study oriented society (as LIO has long predicted via voluntary means).

They concurred to the following along: Interests of world peace and liberal democracy with Libertarian characteristics, abuse and professional problems experienced by the Higher-IQ/EQ in dealing with the misconceptions of the community and in particular regular geniuses,  and removing the Higher-IQ psychologically damaged and of problem tendencies from influential positions, namely promote:

  1. Dialogue on secular world democracy, peace, and local autonomy
  2. By-test or thesis learning and "Super PhD's" since many drop out from colleges such as e.g. a Harvard as too slow , and sensitivity to special needs K-PhD+ with life-long and open-learning type entities
  3. Better interdisciplinary and cross national contact, with location and mentoring of "Supers" in developing nations. Recognition that as a proportionally a normal person seems slow to a High IQ, a High IQ seems slow to a Super; promotion of voluntary policies to encourage movement of average IQ of population to 130-140 with advent of robot servants; dialogue on improving educational resources for the less intelligent or those with special needs still underserved; spread of mental improvement techniques to maximize the undeveloped abilities of most people.


Participants pointed to recent incidents of Supers being murdered for being bi-sexual, or professional problems and firing for demanding adherence to quality standards.A case was cited of a young person who had spent years in an insane asylum who was later realized to be a Super; concern was expressed that many Asperger or ADD type diagnoses may reflect incomprehension that one was dealing with 'a Super bored or frightened out of his skull.' Several expressed the view that many Supers have low-level psychic perception that make faith-based religious views primitive and directly unverified. Several stated the Flynn effect--the rise of general IQ's-- was not just an artifact of old IQ tests but real, pointing to the eugenic and self-development effect of e.g. better self-education tools, schooling and food, of women's new ability to select smarter and more stable mates, of massive destruction of the stupid through war, and the open-secret invidible to researchers that many Supers and High-IQ men have in fact been circumventing restrictive marriage laws by using semen donation services and the spread of free loive to have in many cases hundreds of High-IQ children.

Many felt that policies such as anti-immigration, high taxation rates, attacks on copyright, laws mandating business monopolies, the current educational state systems, prohibitions against cloning or adult incest (note: incest definitions vary wildly in different countries, from allowing adult contact to forbidding second cousin or same-last-name relationships), and sensationalist movies with 'the mad scientist meme'  were at least subconscious attacks on the Supers comparable to anti-Semitism or racial bigotry.

It was agreed that LIO would sponsor resource websites so each could develop their own personal and autonomous strategy, based on shared 'starting point' data, and to also engage interdisciplinary people of regular high IQ or interest.. Interest was also expressed in an "HBI" or half-baked idea journal of short suggestions for review. Many had also taken action in promoting the adult education and peer sharing project TED.




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