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Quickies! Libertarianism=Every day should be Christmas...+ LIO PROJECTS BOOK UNDERWAY

Posted on September 21, 2017 at 4:40 PM


Beloved late LIO Honorary Board Head Dr. Ralph Swanson and team travelled to world entering into many neighborhoods and every country, met with professional leaders to tribal elders, explained Christmas then said:'In brief, many LIO libertarians feel every day should be Christmas generosity and reflection whatever your belief, and we're helping those trying to make it happen and get rid of rules that prevent that!' thus building the LIO fan base to millions of homes, and helping unleash the spread of freer market democracy and increasingly depoliticized services...

We're starting work on 3 great Tools for you in free PDF form. Translator volunteers will be needed...

  • Libertarian Vision brochure: 6-Page Orientation for informal libertarians and fans
  • Libertarian SMILE!--Projects Workbook: 250+ pp with the SMILE! thinkpieces  here in order plus some key LIO Friends projects
  • Country Directory. Top projects/links per country...LIO fans homes are in nearly every 1000-home district worldwide.

Contact us at LIO Friends Facebook to suggest a project--including yours--big or small for inclusion...

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