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LIO Fellow Todd B. Hawley, Space University Founder, Remembered

Posted on October 20, 2011 at 1:45 AM

Space Enterprise was a book by the founders of International Space University, including Todd B. Hawley

The International Space University is gropwing, an innovative idea developed in conversations among LIO Fellows led by the late Todd B. Hawley.Hawley contacted LIO after reading a presentation summary by LIO Fellows at an Astronautical Conference advocating Space privatization and serious industrialization in 1977.From a task list arising from the effort he selected an international space education college and curriculum as essential, an idea that seemed mad  during the Cold War. Says his memorial site: :Todd was a visionary who believed in humanity's capability to open the space frontier as described by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and Gerard K. O'Neill. He dedicated his life to fulfilling this vision, and in the process touched the lives of thousands of space leaders and entrepreneurs. "


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