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Ayodele Faiyetole Improving World Habitat

Posted on September 28, 2011 at 11:20 AM

Space Enthusiast, ecologist and champion of micro-entrepreneurship for change Ayodele Faiyetole is bringing solar light to rural schoolchildren in Africa.

 Ayodele Faiyetole who interacts at the LIO Fellows group is with team mates developing projects to, starting with micro-entrepreneurship, bring voluntary improvements and inspire similar work.

After founding a networking effort on Space issues for students from Africa, his current effort is focused on Innovations to Society, which is bringing low-cost solar lamps to rural Africa. See: http://innovationstosociety.org/

" Innovations to Society aims to address the needs of the least-advantaged two billion people in the world. Nearly all of these live in developing countries and lack things that people in first-world countries take for granted -- such as access to electricity or clean energy, clean water, and basic medical services...Our approach is to strongly push high-impact technologies that are suited for particular regions...Employees of MTN Nigeria, through their cooperative society, MTN...Employees Multipurpose Cooperative Society (MEMCOS) have employed one of our functional solar lamps for their schoolkids...Innovations to Society (ITS) solar lamps are efficient, environment-friendly, and produces bright and clean lighting,...(one) also charges varieties of cell phones and other handheld devices..."

LIO Friends and many Libertarians are encouraging a world movement to devolve failing coerced programs or at least not block private and voluntary ones, plus pave the way for voluntary ones to empower the disadvantaged and share information.

Ayodele holds a M.Sc. (Space Management) from International Space University, France. He is the 2009 winner of the prestigious Todd B. Hawley Space Visionary Award, named after the LIO Fellow who carried out the LIO concept of an international space university among other innovations and help found the first privately funded successful space venture, Celestis.  Ayodele is also a Federal Overseas scholar, and has been hailed as a young light in space education efforts for African youth and Pan-African understanding. While LIO does not endorse efforts per se, interested persons are welcome to look at the effort as a model or donate at the site.



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