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Libertarian John Zube, anti-Nazi activist, in 1st Gilson Award

Posted on September 7, 2011 at 4:10 PM

 John Zube and little friend acclaimed by world praise.

Berlin-born Australian John Zube, a modest workingman who faced Nazi persecution, tirelessly preserved and shared rare Libertarian-interest documents, and mentored a budding modern movement, has been honored with the 1st Paul Gilson Memorial Award, with the honorary rank of Most Senior Libertarian advisor and LIO Fellow.

A Palm Leaf Strand of Peace will be preserved at LIO records in commemoration.

The honor is named after the father of the current curator, the well-connected and affable Paul Gilson, who led the first US Troops into the Nazi  concentration camps at Ohrdruf, was decorated at the Battle of the Bulge, proposed an array of programs from Sister Cities to disarmament for space exploration, and helped lead the LIO predecessor, the Libertarian-Liberal League, to growing if discreet influence in the tumultuous XXth century--aided by cronies or supporters such as John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Mildred Loving, Salvador Madariaga, H. G. Wells, and boon companion William P. Rogers.. Mr. Gilson expressed the desire for an eventual honor exemplifying an LIO motto: Silentes, silentes, silentes.

The honor is  recommended  by a confidential group of senior LIO Felows after consultation with peers to be bestowed at least once every 6 years on Libertarian leaders retired from public life who've safeguarded the movement's ideals  at great personal cost. The honor has especial poignancy as Hitler singled out the Libertarians of the day along with Jews for attack in his woirk Mein Kampf as inimical to his socialist fascism.

Zube toiled for years painstakingly copying and tracking documents at his own cost, preserving them on microfiche, delighting with his singular perspectives, and always urging Libertarian supporters to new heights. He shares:

" My main interests are panarchy, as proposed by De Puydt, 1860. Many relevant texts are on www.panarchy.org  & some on www.butterbach.net

Full monetary freedom, as proposed by the Swiss, Jewish & German school, partly represented on www.reinventingmoney.com  - I am working on A to Z compilations on both subjects, towards handbooks.

An ideal declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties. Towards it I compiled an anthology of over 130 private human rights drafts.

Peace through the realization of all genuine individual rights and liberties. My 2 books on this and one by my father, Kurt H. Zube, 1905-1991, are on www.butterbach.net

Speeding up the process of enlightenment, by and among libertarians. a digitized book draft of this from Jan. 2010, is available from me as email attachment. 1779 PEACE PLANS issues on microfiche. Wish to see all freedom, peace & justice titles published on external H.D.."

Mr. Zube has microfiche items for interested libraries and researchers at basically cost. He may be reached via Facebook.



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