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LIO Fellows Organizing 1st Conference on Building Starship

Posted on September 7, 2004 at 6:05 PM

Robert Heinlein called for peaceful and private space colonies and efforts.

A visioning group originally blesed by LIO Fellow Virgiunia Heinlein of LIO Fellows and supporters has now been tasked by the LIO co-ordinator/curator with organizing a seminal conference involving the public and government officials on developing space colonization in a peaceful and long-term way, adressing voluntary options. There is growing interest, and the process as usual is to elicit awareness and let momentum drive autonomous action. The projected conference will examine and unite the interested public to drive across generations:

  1. 100-year or more changes from social to technical required for stellar colonization
  2. Free colony, Faster-Than-Light alternatives, and first contact protocols
  3. Empowering proactive private or voluntary action, and world peace

LIO commits to hosting a Hi-IQ nucleus-visioning group --internally humorously known as "Starfleet"--as a sub-project to assure peaceful exploration, plenty, and derail authoritarian attempts or inappropriate militarist uses via a "Star Trek" model hoped for by LIO Fellow Gene Roddenberry, who developed the famous series with a long- and short- term agenda of presenting back-engineerable items (e.g. cell phones and work e-Pads were first seen decades ago  on the series);  and avoiding such atrocities or mis-steps  as are seen in movies such as "Avatar"  or "The Day the Earth Stood Still." In addition the group would help interface technical/Libertarian cultural training items and morale. Several governments will be asked to sponsor or participate. LIO will also use projected LIO/Libertarian-interested clubs and communities to host information sharing, and peer interest and critique from all walks of life.

Several previous efforts were driven by LIO Fellows involving learned groups. In 1977 many LIO supporters and the LIO Chief Advisor, G. Harry Stine, sponsored the first serious conference on Space privatization and tourism. Several efforts have "designed" potential ships and supportive social tools looking at current or foreseeable technology.

The difference is this goes beyond associations with a general interest or enthusiasm to concretely engage or will unite current experts in all fields and public comment to generate a movement, on the assumption that long-term paradigm change should start formally now. If the first conference is successful, additional dialogues will be suggested.

RESOURCE: The Third Industrail Revolution, G. Harry Stine; Star Trek: Voyager Series; StarShip Troopers, Robert Heinlein.


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