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LIO: Libertarian OPERATION DEMOCRACY in Mid-East, Elsewhere Driving Problem Nation Change

Posted on September 1, 2011 at 1:45 AM

LIO fan and former Libertarian  in the Costa Rica Congress Otto Guevara, left, meets recently with Chinese officials to examine better free trade and other common ground affecting Central America and Asia.

Fall 2011 Update: On July 17th, 2010, with the expansion of LIO friends, many pro-LIO activists with Libertarian and Liberal supporters began “Operation Democracy” with 3 dialogue goals:

1. Move the 41 remaining problem nations to federalist secular democracy options

2. Start Lib book clubs, Libertarian-interested communities, parties in all countries

3. Direct Democracy (DDIR), jury rule, and voluntary choice in all nations

LIO Operation Democracy builds on the prior and ongoing LIO Trident initiative begun in the 1950’s with Ezra Benson, and re-oriented in the late 1970’s, to encourage in all countries:

1. Citizen Diplomacy through Sister City Boards, core open democracy standards

2. Starting with ISIL and Atlas , Libertarian-oriented and LIO think tanks

3. World workshops and info-shares on using technology to street organize

The LIO curator advises—as always-- that all action and demonstrations be peaceful, respectful of public officials and forgiving of any wrongs, and work initially through solidarity/awareness-raising via personal and union/professional networks. Appeals to foreign help are not condoned, except for medical supplies. Purely defensive small arms in extreme cases sanctioned by the UN, while understood, are not helpful or advised, as these tend to attract big-power interference, terrorists, or military-industrial complexes. The LIO Friends helps share activist key items.

Much initial work was facilitated by the late David Nolan, lead founder of the US Libertarian Party. Unitarian and other lines of contact were explored. Relevant LIO Public Safety Group participants met simultaneously with leaders or their representatives in problem countries starting December 21, 2010 in a show of firmness to advise errant officials their time was up and suggest avenues of exile or reconciliation. 500,000 sheets or communications on organizing were distributed by community leaders; other civil society groups were discreetly encouraged to move forward. The aim was as a first milestone massive change in the Mid-East by the anniversary of 9/11 and the previous LIO ‘push’ that eased the fall of coercive Communism and many right-wing dictators.

As of September 2011, progress is ongoing and satisfactory, as LIO Friends and supporters at our Facebook and Twitter, many doing the work, are aware: Besides the autonomous and natural long-term work of the think-tanks and others, many have started or joined with e.g. social and phone network communication projects touching an estimated 2 million opinion-leader users in 51 countries. In no sense is LIO or users intervening in the affairs of other countries, but making people aware of voluntarist approaches and lines of dialogue to users secured UN Rights as a non-partisan resource. The curator and LIO cultural board, while aware, manage no details.

No action was taken in nations such as China except already continuing improvement, given current policy of eventual federalism, more market choice, and full democratization. Protests should address specifics working with officials in a frank and fraternal fashion wherever democratic processes are underway, and focus especially on system betterment.

Work will continue until all goals are achieved: Recent attacks by media and bloggers ridiculing or portraying Libertarians as: against democracy, oblivious to current protests, anti-Muslim, ineffective, helps fanatic radicals, creates chaos as in Somalia, etc. or that protests are driven by the CIA (presumably some are), are a triumph of US or extremist aid, etc. are disinformative.



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