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Review: LIO Libertarianism and 40 Years of Liberal Progress

Posted on September 6, 2011 at 5:05 PM

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Comedian CK highlights things LIO Libertarians and Fellows helped bring about in the first generation of agressive change. The world is better and enjoys more freedom than ever, but much remains.

EDITORIAL with Ralph Swanson, LIO past Fellows Advisory Chair

We're living in the greatest free and prosperous era of history, thanks to empowering Libertarian tools and the spread of Liberal attitudes--and LIO is a platform to help you better it. People who say our freedoms are in danger as never before, civilization is coming to an end, and so on are either moral idiots or anti-Libertarian and anti-Liberal extremists (often combined with claims Libertarians have done nothing and Liberals are fascists). The last generation has seen a world transformed when many assumed we would be cogs in a vast world coercive Communist dictatorship in 1970, when the current LIO Curator, Michael Gilson-De Lemos,  swore in his first modern pledged Libertarians (of whom I was one) on July 17th, 1970...and outlined in time a world agenda for legal and cultural progress in the next few years that served to network and inspire a world movement as others added their perspectives who might not have realized they had much in common. The above hilarious YouTube (     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r1CZTLk-Gk&feature=youtu.be ) --itself a testimony to the bettering attitudes--by a comedian highlights technical advances, true...but they would have remained on the drawing board had not LIO supporters and other reformers refused to "sit back and wait for a happy ending" as we like to say. Comedian CK points to:

  • Cell phones and answering machines: LIO activists fought to remove laws that made these anti-monopoly innovations a crime.
  • Web and air travel: Again, Lib-led campaigns removed legal blocks and changed attitudes, garnering support across the spectrum and bringing lower prices and high quality with reduced regulations.
  • Travel almost everywhere: As LIO activists help lead change in the Mid-East towards democracy, let us not forget we celebrate the beginning of the fall of most Communist and Right-wing dictaorships this week, 

The SMILE agenda (first so named by LIO advisor Dr. Timothy Leary and re-organized in recent years: http://www.tekgnostics.com/SMILE.HTM ) has started the foundations of what LIO Fellow Gene Roddenberry called "A Libertarian-based  Star Trek Universe" and an end to attitudes incomprehensible to the most enlightened of the growing generation:

  • Space/Sea/Garden Earth communities: In 1970 Space and Sea development was a coerced government monopoly, and the right to sue against polluters or even standards were non-existent. LIO activists led space, sea and Earth  Day conferences. Today NASA is privatizing, Seasteads are being debated, and there is a mass movement for eco-friendliness.
  • Machine/Management/Thought tools; Improve lifestyles/Individual Empowerment: LIO Libertarians have catalyzed a revolution in the beginning of a universal robot servant--the web; in co-op and participative decentralized management; proactive programs and private-government colloquia such as groups to examine long-term threats and conservation needs "way ahead of anything the government is doing" (DARPA), and an array of self-help and creativity enhancing tools, peer workshops, and philosophies that launched the modern seminar movement.
  • Life Extension and Health Empowerment: Declaring "don't let your doctor kill you" LIO Fellows have introduced research on attainable life extension, immortality, and catalyzed coalitions against corp[oration-driven laws limiting health information and natural products.
  • Empowering Libertarian-interested and LIO eco-community pilots: In 1970 there was no such thing as a Libertarian in public office, ballot barriers were horrendous ( in Florida, USA as late as the last decade courts declared Libertarian parties a partisan faction whose regulation by the government and denial of equal rights was essential) where there was even a vote, re-privatization concepts of legalizing alternatives were unknown (and today still confused by extremists with getting rid of government programs instead of making them voluntary), and intentional community was under siege. As more are being familiarized with Libertarian advocates and in public office in their localities, schools, and even on TV every day, things are different. Massive options are now available in many jurisdictions; LIO registered communities are underway with numerous Libertarians in non-partisan public office, encouraging social networks with opportunities for common ground. LIO networks seek to facilitate both voluntary living and peer use, discussion and action on SMILE lines of secular, scientific progress. In Operation Democracy, LIO Libertarians are determined to bring direct and town-hall democracy and rights movements/ watchdogs enlightened by voluntary tools to every nation.

In 1939, when I joined, the world seemed drifting to Fascism and World Communism, and horrifying attitudes of bigotry, racism, high tax rates, lack of peer communication and more were the norm--and we were aware we still lived in a better world compared to 1939. In 1970 organizing was very difficult: voter registration lists were state secrets, local phone calls could cost a day's wage, mail monopolies took months to deliver in even neighboring countries. Yet today we have helped people from all over the world easily get inspired and take action with our site using practically free web and phone tools.

LIO's secret has always been insistent focus on rights and the voluntary process that empowers users and opens networks in an authoritative yet non-authoritarian way. So let us pause to realize how much has been done by many unsung activists and dedicated visionaries--and not listen to the voices still calling for us to nod, agree, expect little, and blindly obey--but instead champion our lives, our liberties, and the simple and benevolent pursuit of our happiness. What will the world be in 2049? You decide.

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