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LIO Friends Network Grows

Posted on September 5, 2011 at 5:35 PM

Libs are at work worldwide using the LIO Friends project, such as activists helping people develop micro-lending in Afghanistan.

...Now past 1 year after foundation, the LIO Friend's network is twice over the goal of 750 and at press over 1700. It is @ http://www.facebook.com/LibertarianInternationalOrganization . The group will branch out in due course into regional e-conferences, and items will feed an eventual blog site. 

...The new advisory and inspiration group is facilitated by young Libertarians in public office and culture, and helps participants who're typically edgy local activists share personal, financial and social entrepreneurship worldwide on LIO SMILE lines. Users say they're motivated and informed seeing what people are doing using voluntary tools in many areas. Projects led or supported by participants include:

  • Anti-poverty using voluntary empowerment in many countries
  • Democracy including groups leading change in the Mid-East
  • Civil rights including gay, GLBT, and discrimination issues
  • Anti-rape, abuse, and various whistleblower sites and workshops
  • Work on barriers against the homeless, small business, and ballot access
  • Info sites on urban gardens, tax comparisons, space tourism, etc.

Participants are also at work in groups such as: the Elders, Amnesty International, the ACLU, Campaign for Liberty (non-partisan work), Sister Cities,  various unions, and more from across the political spectrum. Many say they take inspiration and encouragement from the example of LIO Fellows leading innovation in their fields.

At press participants are in over 140 countries, with (outside US) strong presences in (in order): Argentina, United Kingdom, Canada , Spain, Italy , Peru , India , Germany , Poland , France, Malaysia , Australia , Sweden , Pakistan , Portugal , Brazil , Costa Rica, Mexico , also China, Russia, Egypt, Tunisia, Japan, West Africa, and Indonesia. There're even supporters from Tristan de Cunha, where web access is difficult and they participate by mail. The  project is the first to unite people worldwide of this type for concerted citizen-driven development.

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