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Friedman 'Free to Choose' On Line

Posted on May 10, 2011 at 1:06 AM

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LIO Adviser Nobelist Milton Friedman revolutionized perceptions with his popular TV series 'Free to Choose' with key excerpts and his paradigm-busting interviews now free online. In this video he explains how no central planner coercively regulates a pencil into existence, but it occurs through the personal and voluntary networks of many across national and cultural boundaries.

Working with other LIO Fellows, in a masterstroke Nobelist Milton Friedman organized a TV series that went direct to the public to overcome tired views on economics and circumvent coercive state educational monopolistic bureaucracies in the US and Canada, launching renewed interest in voluntary choice and recognition that the lack of choice was the real block to actual solutions to poverty, war, and other matters...and playing a key role in reversing the trend against science and for increasing totalitarian measures. Dr. Friedman focused on Libertarian-oriented and directional concepts, and his own scientific work.

So say admirers. Now the series is available online along with other free interviews of the paradigm busting social scientist who travelled the world meeting with young thinkers and established opinion leaders to promote consideration of freer markets, intentional community, and dialogue for the end of oppressive measures mandating the draft and recreational drug and personal lifestyle punishments--and legalization of communal voluntary communities and networks.

Judge for yourself, and link or share the link with friends if you like his approach.


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