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David Nolan:Young Libs in Public Office Reveal Our Future

Posted on April 7, 2011 at 2:27 PM

 Teen Libertarian in public office LIO Activist Charles Peralo meets US New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who is studying Libertarian ideas.


(This is the first of a series of micro-articles on the Libertarian future by David Nolan-key founder of the US Libertarian Party- with LIO past Advisory Chair Ralph Swanson.)

There is no question in my mind that while many of their elders timidly debate and criticize, or call for us to dilute 'too radical' Libertarianism into some sort of conservatism or to even lie to get elected, young Libertarians are forging ahead and being the Libertarian future in public administration--not only in the US but around the world.


I urge young Libertarians and local Libertarian leaders of whatever group to look into opportunities for public service such as activism and appointive boards. The fact that we're seeing Libertarian teens get in public office and champion 'radical' Libertarian ideas successfully should wake us all up. Teens are showing they can do much more than attend a college or high school club. There've been non-partisan teen mayors and council people, and I predict we'll see Libertarian ones. That's not all. The social entrepreneurship and activism projects especially on the net are stunning. Film, helping the poor, starting new ventures, it's amazing.


Let's learn from these teens! Do something today: Carefully study Libertarian ideas or successes we can adapt to our communities, have a good and polite attitude, and get involved. --David Nolan



Young Libertarians are making a difference and setting an example sharing voluntary concepts and LIO concepts in non-partisan public office, activism, and more.

  • Charles Peralo is a Teen Libertarian and LIO activist in appointive (adlective) public office on a Youth Advisory Board for his County in New York, where he provides perspective on market issues. He's also working on a variety of informational and activist projects, such as a computer tutorial service for seniors and work on a project to conceptualize Libertarian-interest see communities. At a meeting with David Nolan, Peralo was told  youth "...like you are the future of the movement."
  • Kennon and Kira Gilson are Teen Libertarians on a record joint 12 several advisory boards and Quanggos in Florida, including County Youth Advisory, Library, and others where they've helped derail tax and fee increases, provided needed info on park privatization, and are developing websites to help private assistance for the homeless and get tax and rate relief for people who use energy efficient home improvements or produce electricity utilities can buy working as non-party and non-partisan Libertarians, and introduce more voluntary tools to better public safety.
  • Jaroslav Romanchuk of www.isil.org led, as a youth activist, key efforts that resulted in the transition of the Eastern bloc to democracy and now is working in Belarus where he ran for president galvanizing a new movement, has founded a think tank, and speaks to groups around the world on Libertarian-oriented topics.
  • In countries from the UK to the Philippines, LIO Libertarian and Liberal teens and college youth are often leading the way working on democracy improvement, ballot access, media, and social entrepreneurship projects.

J. Romanchuk shares his work at a talk at  the CATO Institute.


>Check for or urge appointive offices or projects in your area that welcome youth participation

--R. Swanson

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