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Libertarians at Work Tackling Emerging Issues

Posted on May 5, 2011 at 12:22 AM

The Lifeboat Foundation, here in a Popular Science article, is one of a growing number of efforts  founded by Libertarians and LIO Friends to proactively address emerging issues to safeguard humanity against the worst while networking on opportunities for the best, and has been praised by government military strategists as "Way ahead of us." LIO Fellows are also well involved. See:  http://lifeboat.com/ex/main


A common and foolish argument against voluntary action is people are too greedy, irrational or stupid to be trusted, which may perhaps say more about the subconscious world of the critic than humanity.

LIO, Libertarian-direction or using activists  have  historically been at the forefront of efforts to safeguard the future and provide tools empowering average people.The best plan for the future is not ban but unblock discussion of many plans for the future respectful of rights--the appropriate method for emerging issues.

One pilot project seeks to vision the very protection of the future itself. The Lifeboat Foundation brings together many experts and the interested general public to discuss and take personal action on an array of projects somewhat on the LIO advisory network model. It was founded by Libertarian activists who contacted an array of innovative thinkers both recognized and 'out of the box.'

Issues addressed range from matters of immediate concern to long term issues such as misbehaving nano-technology and the threat of asteroid collisions or stellar events. The idea is to promote public discussion and also ideate concrete plans that the average person or small community can do something about, not just international or large efforts and not dependent on politicized governments or large corporations. The program raises funds, promotes fora, and positions discussion among other actrivities, and particpants also meet with senior policymakers to exchange perspectives.

Examples of discussions or projects underway include a post-coercive and post-political world, faster than light travel, non-punitive ending crime and terror , contact with leaders on the need for plans to handle 'first contact' and needed legal mechanisms, milestones to end poverty, a flexible civil defense able to withstand surface destruction for decades by a e.g. disruptive asteroid strike or supervolcano eruption, safeguarding heirloom seeds and genetic codes, and a chart with likely threats to and opportunities for humanity in the next few thousand years. Many participants say a main benefit is they're spurred to more informed and personal action. Often they had been quietly working on projects with little hope of public interest until they had this tool for interdisciplinary feedback and public and policy interest,

LIO platforms network without endorsement LIO Friends--those generally supportive of the broad LIO project and using voluntary tools--and other participants in these and similar efforts to assist inspiration, comparison of best practices and mutual exchange of data. In particular, we encourage interest in similar but micro-projects in communities and even families as the data or potential needs become better defined in public awareness.

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