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LIO Fans, Libertarians at Work: People's Republic of China

Posted on February 21, 2015 at 2:35 AM

Costa Rica Libertarian-Liberal leader former Legislator Otto Guevara Guth is greeted by Li Yuancho, PRC Politburo. Mr. Li is not connected to LIO, but many in the Li clan say they like LIO tools.

Our survey of 3000 LIO homes in China (2011) report a focus on 3 key areas:

  1. A US of China--the Chinese Dream--with more localist democracy
  2. Stabilize growing free-exchange with anti-corruption and property law
  3. Peaceful attitude with all nations towards science/cultural exchange

LIO L/libertarians there see the 'Chinese Dream' as a nice home, free-exchange for wealth and self-development in an atmosphere of respect for personal-property rights, choices of preferably voluntary-based low-cost social programs that work in a tolerant society.

From 2010 discussion handout:

In the early 1970's LIO Libertarian Advisor Damon Bordenave led a project of dialogue meeting with key persons in PRC and India, helping open up both socialist countries to Libertarian choice concepts. The vast Chinese Lee (or Li) clan has many branches with blood connection to the Lemos, the League founders  and LIO co-founders, and who worked to maintain choice concepts in less equable times.

In China in the last few months, outreach and interest has been considerable as citizens there continue to both liberalize and libertarianize.

  • LIO activists and officials met to review the PRC plan for increasing democratization, and process issues such as development of a United States of China ( see e.g.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federalism_in_China ) on a more con-federal model. Concerns were reviewed on invasion of the PRC by right-wing religious extremist parties under pretense of spreading free markets, accountability tools, and non-interference with eventual LIO clubs. Contrary to popular belief in the West, the PRC has several parties. Libertarian-interest civic groups were discussed as means of innovation starting in small areas; tools such as DDI and juries, and non-partisan local entities examined. Also examined were eco-concepts, free immigration within the PRC (which still has internal controls); abolition of the military to police levels; and ways of addressing the retirement crisis. LIO Fellows discussed how population reduction, universal unions, better wages and self-driven insured regulation could result from LIO tools. A separate workshop on ISO and CALEA standards resulted. It was set to work on Sister Cities more as well. Matters concluded with the PRC participants stating that without LIO dialogue nuclear war might have resulted; today the complaints are over cheap shirts.
  • Groups such as the Unirule think tanks continue seminars and workshops on market reform and public program choice ( http://english.unirule.org.cn ), along with information efforts such as IMPencil ( http://www.impencil.org )
  • A delegation from the Costa Rica Movimiento Libertario headed by Otto Guevara Guth discussed numerous issues to better trade and party-related concerns.
  • Lib-interest groups such as www.ISIL.org have held conferences in China.


(Article was prepared 2010-11 by R. Swanson and John Li )


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