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World Drug, Supplement Choice Protection Update

Posted on May 5, 2011 at 12:24 AM

LIO Friends and Local Libertarians and Liberals are in world action and continue world contact and local efforts showing that 'national policy' when restrictive of rights is increasingly a thing of the past.


They report drug and food liberalization and decriminalization efforts may bear fruit in several countries.The efforts are non-partisan, not advancing legislation per se but the removal of blocks to more voluntary efforts. A growing number of  people are concerned that restrictive laws hamper life extension and quality efforts, citing use of marihunana for cancer pain and survival, vitamin and mioniral supplements with the ill-effects of denatured foods, and the use of traditional drugs for mental improvement and stress--and pave the way to mandatory treatments that historically often are revealed as bad medicine, or anti-cloning laws that may hinder life-ectension technologies.

In Uruguay a series of workshops has led to a Marihuana proposals backed by major parties that are expected to pass.

In Marshall Islands a plan to completely legalize recreational drugs, tax the revenue, and use the taxes to build sea walls and assist other ecological projects is under study.

In Mexico meetings have been held to decriminalize such drugs and use the revenue for infrastructure projects with major figures of several parties, reviving a plan that passed the Mexican legislature. In addition, groups are meeting to look into protection of traditional foods and remedies.

In Europe a petition effort is underway against attempts to regulate or ban food supplements and natural foods with some medicinal effect such as Vitamin D and Bee Pollen.

In the US great headway is being made via direct democracy and initiative efforts focused on medical marihuana and a variety of issues from protection of Vitamin supplements to proper and open labels for genetically engineered foods.

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