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Libertarian Dialogue: Direct Democracy in All Nations

Posted on February 11, 2011 at 2:44 PM

Direct Democracy expert Prof. Ted Becker advises DDI projects.

The Libertarian International Organization is encouraging rights activists to work for dialogue on DDI in all countries--the combination of Direct Democracy, citizen Initiative including plebiscite and referenda, MMP (mixed-member proportional, or at large by party legislative representatives additional to direct by district  ones) representation, and eased ballot requirements--as essential to citizen participation, official accountability, and implementation by direct citizen authorization of e.g. Libertarian voluntary options. Dialogue may include devolution of decisions to local neighborhood levels, as is done in parts of the US, Switzerland, and elsewhere where Direct Democracy is equivalent to the vote, a system praised by Thomas Jefferson and others (typically of 1000 voters). The LIO encourages both individually-decided public programs, and where there is a consensus a range of communities as designed or as desired by the users on the local level, consistent with respect for rights and voluntary participation.



The LIO has started a conversation that DDI should be treated as a political priority, and  as structurally essential and implemented in every country on local-regional levels and national or federal levels where devolution does not apply. In addition, encouragement includes the concept that citizens should be able to e.g. set governmental budgets in their own homes by a simple system of check-offs, enjoy electronic or Tele-democracy voting, and dialogue on other innovations.


Many countries have become aware that these are desirable components of open governance and improved social quality through accountability. New Zealand, including at the instance of LIO Libertarian activist initiated coalitions, has adopted MMP with good results; Florida, USA has direct citizen amendment of the constitution creating a more choice-oriented trend in public policy championed by LIO activists; and many countries have dramatically eased ballot requirements creating a wave of independent and 'third party' candidates. Many intentional communities use forms of DDI as well.


Neither Direct Democracy nor other methods may be understood as means of oppression or subversion of rights: typical experience has shown an independent judiciary and citizen education is adequate protection. In practice, as is seen in countries such as Switzerland, DDI best facilitates obliging a social dialogue, removing corrupt officials or racket rule, increasing citizen involvement and education, and building consensus in setting policies for increased choice or better management.  In addition, elements such as fair ballot access are basic, and quickly implemented or improved where there is DDI.


LIO Fellow and international DDI champion Prof. Ted Becker and others have developed valuable websites to network and inform activists and policy leaders. The autonomous LIO registered public administration project will focus on moving to help citizens if desired implement DDI/MMP as first priority; then use these for ballot access improvements and authorize Libertarian choices in each area and improve Liberal localism and other improvements desired by citizens; and ease proportionately representative elected officals, facilitating a natural political dialogue and evolution at whatever pace the electorate deems comfortable. Dialogue includes this be developed as a non-partisan effort involving joint support by all parties and groups.



> http://www.world-wide-democracy.net/

> https://fp.auburn.edu/tann/ (Tele-democracy)

> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mixed_member_proportional_representation MMP

> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_democracy DDI across the globe

> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communes_of_Switzerland Swiss communes

http://www.iandrinstitute.org/ US status



> Form a coalition to improve along these lines in your area or country

> Dialogue on multi-party common ground


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