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LIO Strategist Gen. Robert Richardson III, Remembered

Posted on February 10, 2011 at 12:32 PM

Libertarian International Organization Fellow General Robert Richardson III strategized on space defense, outer space migration, and peaceful end of Communist and other dictatorships through clever citizen diplomacy.

Retired US Air Force founding figure Brigadier General  Robert Richardson III passed away. The honorary co-ordinator of the Public Safety Advisory Group of the LIO--succeeding Salvador Marariaga, father of the Europen Community--he led an LIO contact group to bring pro-Libertarian ideas and help citizens move away from dictatorships, and organized a Citizen Advisory council with many LIO Advisors that developed the SDI process and also made many recommendations on moving towards more privatized outer space frameworks. A biography is at: http://www.af.mil/information/bios/bio.asp?bioID=6901 Names of the Group are kept confidential until they pass on.


He co-chaired a task group with LIO Advisory Board Chair emeritus Ralph Swanson and the "10 ruthless men" a sub-contact group of the LIO that networked and included figures such as A. Fisher, Boris Yeltsin and Ronald Reagan to discuss ways of promoting "re-structuring" towards citizen participation, think tanks of economic Libertarianism in every country, and conversion of nuclear missiles to planetary defense and peaceful energy fuel as exists today outside of national defense institutions; eventuating also in things such as the Atlas Research foundation and think tank network. The group was led by then LIO Advisory chair William Rogers, a noted American diplomatist and legal resource, and longtime intimate of the past two and current LIO curators. The General in recent years had become a staunch advocate of space colonization and groups such as http://www.spacetransportation.us/index.php to introduce space privatization ideas, and welcomed rcent construction of state level spaceports as in New Mexico.


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