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LIO Libertarians, in 1st International Conference, to Help Open Last Authoritarian Countries

Posted on February 9, 2010 at 11:50 PM

By Ralph Swanson, LIO Advisory Chair Emeritus

 (Updated February 2011)

In a series of secure phone conferences ending last October, Libertarian and Liberal participants in the confidential LIO Public Safety Group agreed to move on a long developing plan to help dialogue and advise citizen transition of the world to democracy, and prod democracies to more open systems with increased use of voluntary solutions.


The group is one of 3 advisory teams of the LIO, with a broader open Cultural Advisory Board and a new Network of senior community activists in formation.


The high-level group of over 600 senior retired or promising public safety leaders, diplomats, and social scientists interested in advancing LIO tools through discreet means, with an average of 2 per country, continues the work of a smaller contact group that played a key role in the reforms in Communist and Right-Wing regimes on a non-partisan basis. The conference is the first of its kind, and the group has been greatly expanded in the last decade. It is  autonomously co-ordinated. (A follow up conference was held in October 2010).


LIO curator Michael Gilson-De Lemos circulated his advice that 'the time to close the era of severe abuse' had come. The group targeted the last 29 highly authoritarian countries, mostly in the Islamic Conference ( http://www.oic-oci.org ), and additional budding but troubled democracies for interest. In addition, a focus on seeing formal laws of religious freedom and the removal of official state religions was encouraged as key.

Countries where pro-Libertarian think tanks exist or are being formed, such as China, will be monitored and a process of meetings already underway continue. The curator advised the Cultural Advisory Board things were underway several weeks ago and LIO  supporters have been following events at the e.g. LIO Twitter for the past month. The curator paraphrased Eisenhower and stated national defense was too important to be left to governments and was the proper domain of citizen peace and rights groups; and emphasized that if any leaders should step down his expectation was it would be voluntarily and with honor. The group also blessed creation of a more open group of senior policy experts or retired or promising officals per country as part of the Cultural Advisory Board.


The group set 3 areas of action: Meeting simultaneously with senior leaders in 40 countries ( Done December 21, 2010 in most cases, or staffs) in a show of solidarity to encourage interest in democratic transition and blessed the continuing training of activists in using both new and old communication technologies and street organization techniques by an autonomous group; agreed to encourage dialogue on bringing Direct Democracy plus other items such as jury use and more transparency to all nations, also opening more dialogue on non-citizen track immigration and eventual planetary colonization; agreed to work to ever encourage non-partisan sister city and advisory appointive councils of average citizens in all countries. The group will continue communication on an informal basis.

 The curator re-affirmed that LIO encourages heightened dialogue and research for transitions of troubled countries to Liberal and federalist democracy; of such democracy to increased use of voluntary options in all public services with direct democracy, MMP, jury use, and level ballot access; and in those friendliness towards emerging or eventual Libertarian eco-communities and Libertarian-interested networks in ever area of about 1 million population, and enlightened voluntary societies and solutions in general. Finally, the curator re-emphasized his advice that citizens must have democratic and Libertarian tools to defend themselves from misguided religious and corporate groups that seek to use the law to plunder and control the average person, action must be peaceful and use respectful passive resistance and dialogue; saying: The walls shall come tumbling down, and things improve each generation.



>Look into participation via your local Sister City board; and contact groups such as http://atlasnetwork.org/ and http://www.ISIL.org on donations to help bring young thinkers to their conferences and activities. (In July 2010 LIO Friends was inaugurated with 100 activists to network a variety of non-partisan and autonomous projects of social entrepreneurship and information sharing on rights issues and change techniques).

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