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International Libertarian Month Each October

Posted on January 10, 2011 at 6:42 AM

Costa Rica Libertarian Congress member Otto Guevara Guth speaks to class, and says continuing outreach and dialogue is essential.


As part of a long term project, October is International Libertarian Month  sponsored by the LIO. The project Facebook is at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/International-Libertarian-Month-LIO/100952926646495?v=wall to share your activity or support.


LIO friends, Libertarian supporters, and Libertarian can unite internationally each October to do simple, low-cost but highly effective local outreach on a regular basis. The outreach consists of familiarizing associates, neighbors, public officials and community leaders of core non-partisan Libertarian and SMILE sites to increase public conversancy, accurate information, and interest in voluntary alternatives and current Libertarian-interest projects.Sites to be promoted would include www.Libertarian-International.org; www.ISIL.org, and www.TheAdvocates.org until all persons are acquainted with such links or outreach materials, to see Libertarianism as a movement for bettering rights via peaceful dialogue on voluntary solutions and choice in personal, work and civic life.


Sample activities would be sharing links and ideas in a pleasant way with:

  • Friends, addressbook, and sites including links to one's e-mail or groups
  • Public officials, and local educators, media and opinion leaders 
  • Distributing non-partisan literature from these groups; putting on a bumper sticker

In addition, people are encouraged to write letters to the editor, let fellow students know at beginning of class year, and speak to local groups. Networking and encouraging dialogue in this way is essential  to developing Libertarian-oriented leadership, according to the founders of the outreach project, and helpful in re-charging teams. Always let people know the activity is part of International Libertarian Month to share peaceful solutions and remeber the contributions of all to progress.



Join the Facebook and simply share this article page or other links. Thank you. 

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