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Nathaniel Branden Objectivist Primer Hailed

Posted on December 29, 2010 at 7:27 AM

Philosopher and Psychologist Dr. Nathaniel Branden has made his seminal 'Introduction to Objectivism' available to international acclaim. He is also interviewed at: http://www.newdimensions.org/program.php?id=2441


LIO friend and honorary board adviser Dr. Nathaniel Branden was recently recognized with an award at the Libertopia conference, where attendees hailed and highlighted publication of his long-requested transcription of his seminal Introduction to Objectivism lectures. The lectures were the first organization and presentation of the philosophy and life improvement system, which may be described as a modern and updated form of Aristotelianism. Many users feel it is the best and most approachable introduction to the themes, integrations and discoveries emphasized by Rand and Branden. Branden notably emphasized that improvements in rational philosophical awareness and civic structures go hand-in-hand, and are not just the realm of a few experts but vital concerns of everyone.


The influential and interdisciplinary-interest lectures were delivered via tape recordings in an innovative seminar format that welcomed  the general public. The format simultaneously launched the modern lifestyle improvement, self-esteem, and commercial lectures movements. Users say it had an energizing influence among advocates and scholars of free markets and constitutional government as well. Many philosophy students praised it as bringing philosophy out of the classrooms and back to the people where it belonged. Many felt their use suffered in that the lectures were not transcribed and recordings were sometimes hard to obtain. The English transcription is hoped to be a first step to needed translations into other languages, which in principle should be facilitated with modern translation software. Many of Dr. Branden's other works are available in translation in 18 languages and growing.  Another valuable series on improving thinking by Barbara Branden awaits transcription at this time (http://www.barbarabranden.com/thinking.html) .


The LIO encourages interest and education in rational- and reality- based approaches to improve lifestyle and promote self-development and scientific progress, within and without formal milieux, as part of its SMILE focus. It is hoped that as the transcription becomes available in every country, many things will advance with the generated public interest and understanding. The new edition is available at: http://www.lfb.org/product_info.php?products_id=292 and Dr. Branden has a website of his activities at: http://www.nathanielbranden.com/catalog/about.php . The LIO will add the book to the Libertarian Book Club reading extended reading course in 2011 ( http://www.libertarianbookclub.org ) and place it 'front and center' in due course in its projects along with other key books.



>Obtain a copy and share the link with your addressbook and e-groups.

>Urge purchase by your local library or donate a copy.

>Suggest it as a supplementary reading or basis for a college course.

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