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Islam Libertarians Lead Charge

Posted on December 12, 2010 at 5:17 PM

Dr. Dean Ahmad of www.minaret.org travels worldwide and develops workshops and conferences on Libertarian-interest topics for Islamic participants. He says interest is greater than ever.


Worldwide, Islamic Libertarians are leading the charge in many areas for interest in voluntary- and choice-based solutions both in their countries and internationally. In addition, Islamic leaders are showing increasing interest in voluntary alternatives to public management by working in Libertarian coalitions locally.

  • In Central Asia and the Mid-East, LIO supporters are at work in establishing free market and economic choice think tanks, and leading or advising successful popular movements in addressing authoritarian regimes and policies. Many are  with projects of e.g. the Atlas Foundation http://atlasnetwork.org also.
  • http://www.minaret.org has been leading in international workshops on a variety of Libertarian-interest issues, including peace dialogues.
  • http://www.islamicresourcebank.org is a directory of policy experts, many interested in Libertarian-Islamic oriented themes.
  • LIO supporters are actively seeking out and engaging local Islamic leaders in the US in coalitions on e.g. public safety issues.

LIO world supporter sites had over 10% Islamic participants as of October, 2010. LIO also encourages dialogue on implementing freedom of religion and speech statutes in Islamic Conference countries--which are the last holdouts predominantly--as essential to tolerant discourse, technical progress and undermining terrorist activities.



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