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Libertarian Romanians Ended Communism, Lead Reforms

Posted on December 2, 2010 at 12:46 PM

 www.ISIL.org representative Valentina Nicolae is one of the many Romanian Libertarian activists commanding growing respect as groups expand.

Romanian Libertarians, many of them women, once waged grim battles in schools, the streets, and organizing coalitions to lead the overthrow of the Communist dictatorial system--and now face a more pleasant if protracted one of public information on Libertarian and Libertarian-interest policies, and lifestyle tools, for the public in their country.


A growing number of LIO supporters and inquiries from that country evidence the foundation of Libertarian groups and entities that are providng empowering information, so the country moves towards honest and freer markets, lifestyle choice, and civic transparency. They note that Romania is leading the way in many areas, having an effect on neighboring countries. Libertarians are presently working with the venerable and revived National Liberal Party, which was founded by Ion Bratianu, one of the members of a contact group created in the early 1800's by LIO (then the Libertarian and Liberal League) to establish parties and clubs of tolerance and promotion of reason, and local self-rule, worldwide under a concept urged by co-founder Francisco Gil de Taboada y de Lemos, who also conceived the Spanish Liberal Constitution. The focus has been tax reduction, secularization, and market and intentional community normalization and  institutions--including voluntary communal communities, sharing arrangements and co-operatives once banned by the government.



>Check out www.ISIL.org which can arrange for you to sponsor with very little money young Romanian activists and future leaders to their conferences and workshops

>Donate to one of the groups for literature translation of Libertarian materials into Romanian

>Show this to officals and friends to look into engaging a Romanian city with yours in the Sister City Program and volunteer as an appointed public official  http://www.sister-cities.org


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