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LIO Thinker J. T. Fraser, Internet Grandfather, Remembered

Posted on November 22, 2010 at 7:23 AM

Philosopher J. T. Fraser wrote intriguing analyses of Time with implications for spontaneous order, markets, and machine design.

Beloved Philosopher J. T. Fraser, an observer of the LIO Advisory and Observer Board, passed away this weekend.


He pioneered extensive studies of the nature of time and the structure of time sequences, with many implcations for the operation of decentralized and market entities, the creation of knowledge in open environments, the basis of tragedy, the value of innovation and creatrive conflict, and machine design. Students praised him as an involved and patient teacher. He was known as a champion for the idea of the practicality of philosophy and need for more teaching of the subject, particularly logic and applied method,  in personal, intellectual and social development.


He also founded the first learned society to study time on an interdisciplinary basis and was highly interested in that aspect of the SMILE Project, and expressed the hope that this might lead to new breakthroughs in space travel.




A native of Hungary, he played a quiet role for LIO in communicating with scholars leading to liberalization of the Communist bloc countries. His work was used in open concepts that led to the creation of Wikipedia and other user-sustained entities on a Libertarian-interest co-operative user-run model, a concept he first proposed in the 1970's. He endorsed a communication by LIO that, it is felt,  persuaded many legislators worldwide to remove legislation that effectively blocked cell phones and internet creation, and was hailed by students as a little known "grandfather" of the internet. 


Ironically, Wikipedia  posted a statement questioning his notability, much to the amusement of  his admirers as perversely demonstrating his theories on time and open learning.


He also had several pioneering patents in computing based on his philosophical researches. He was retired in recent years from LIO activity.



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