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Dr. James Lark: World Libertarian Student Project Grows

Posted on November 14, 2010 at 6:24 AM

Former US LP Chair, LIO Advisor Dr. James Lark III is more than a university professor; he helps enlighten students in all countries on Libertarian tools.

Management thinker and consultant Dr. Jim Lark III has long been admired for his tireless efforts to promote university student groups to study Libertarianism and voluntary concepts in general. Many US Libertarians joke they are in a "Jim Lark Slept Here Club" having hosted his sleepovers in his travels to speak with local student groups small or large, typically at his own expense.  He has now advised in the formation of Students for Liberty, a US group that has gone international, and is honored as a frequent workshop speaker. Recently, it has begun to offer webinars available worldwide, such as this one by Dr. Lark on understanding policy data: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/392324130


A non-partisan effort started by several students cheered on by academics, the group seeks to complement the work of the Institute for Humane Studies in promoting elements of good citizenship, tolerance and critical thinking informed by awareness of voluntary and quasi-voluntary alternatives. The group has a somewhat economic-issue emphasis but readings suggested are wide ranging, say users. It offers manuals, a chartering system for groups, and after a start filled with hard work a growing series of well-attended student regional conferences: http://studentsforliberty.org



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