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LIO: Ecuador to Push Libertarian-Oriented Pan-American Free Immigration Treaty of Americas

Posted on July 25, 2010 at 3:34 PM

LIO Advisor, co-founder of the Liberal International and visionary of the European Community former Spanish Minister of Justice Salvador Madariaga called for free working residence and travel worldwide, first by continent, and serious attention to outer space studies. It's happening.

Quito, Ecuador-- After one-on-one talks at a recent Organization of American States meeting in Florida between LIO activists and diplomats, Ecuador announced it will place a free residence and immigration continental zone of the Americas on the OAS agenda.


At the conference, LIO pointed out a dormant agreement, the Treaty of San Lorenzo, already exists mandating free immigration and proposd an autonomous working group.


The LIO process is that border control except in temporary emergencies  is a per se act of war and remnant of feudalism, not appropriate to the modern age. It counsels advocacy of international treaty processes as an appropriate focus to bring about full freedom. It also proposes dialogue on cultural areas to protect native peoples, traces, and local cultures.


The zone will allow free transit and working residency without necessarily counting for citizenship, sources said. Large parts of Latin America under the Mercosur process have the situation in varying degrees. During his administration US President and LIO advisor-observer President Ronald Reagan called for a similar process in North America. Eventually people will be able to travel, study and work freely about the Americas as they would in their home countries.


The continued progress brought to mind Salvador Madariaga, especially as more European states adopt a similar process, with borders "practically abolished" despite predictions of disaster in Eastern Europe in the wake of the fall of Communism.


The LIO contact group recommends Libertarian-Liberal public officials and candidates call for open borders through a treaty process that realistically addresses local issues.


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