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Earth Day: Libertarian Green=Be Wary of "Green" Gee-Whiz Techno-Ecology or Neo-fascist Statutes

Posted on April 22, 2015 at 1:25 PM







Petra Kelly, LIO Fellow, Founder of Modern Green Movement

LIO Fellow (then Advisor) scientist John McConnell led way for Earth Day, here with Earth Day flag. LIO Flag is the same but on white with blood-red accents.

Takeaway: Let’s not forget ‘Passive Green’ is the basis; Green is being used to justify backfiring anti-solutions.


  • While accomodating voluntary deviations, LIO Libertarians dialogue for Green Garden Earth. A lot of people spend a lot of ink and a lot of money to keep you from understanding that. Such disinfo didn’t work for the Communists, who’re now officially libertarian-friendly pro-privatization now. It won’t work for these guys. So share this as basis of debate. Also: http://www.libertarianinternational.org/apps/blog/categories/show/161118-space-sea-gardenearth
  • I helped develop Earth Day, and created the Green ‘libertarian socialist’ movement with my then companion Petra Kelly as well. Those were tough times. The ‘progressive’ left hated ecology as ‘bourgeois indulgence’ along with LGBT rights, pot legalization, suing polluters, and all LIO Libertarian dialogues they now claim to love. Today it’s a civil war among progressives between the growing libertarian-receptive vs. dying neo-Marxists whose only hope is that new generations will forget that Communism=Mass Murder.They knew a Libertarian threat when they saw one. They knew that if they conquered the world, my Green virus would destroy them. They tried to kill me; LIO Libertarianism ended them; Petra was murdered by the Communists. The neo-Communists/Marxists have been trying to take over the Green movement since. They pretend they’ve been always pro-Green and pro-localism. Yet ‘Green’ is a household term. New people may have trouble defining it (as with Libertarianism) but they know it when they see it, and increasingly like it. In the US, 22% of all political parties are self-identified informal (non-LIO) libertarians (small-l libertarian=aware applier)...and many more try to be Green. 'Greening of America' is here.
  • So we must not hesitate to discuss: That Green is about keeping a small, sustainable, and voluntary presence. It involves thinking about costs and benefits cradle-to-recycle on new technologies--which gives results sometimes counter-intuitive. It doesn’t involve unnatural vast coercive programs but personal-local organic good sense. Many officials don’t get that, seeing a coerced regulation as salvation, instead of a sinecure for old tech and new bribes. In this the extreme left conspires as usual with the extreme right. Hence the need for LIO/libertarian-inspired campaigns e.g. calls to not tax small homes in town and country, or to legalize urban gardens/mini-farming, public breastfeeding, medicament and vaccine data and choice, solar panels, low-pollution vehicles, class suits for pollution, prepping, etc.
  • Where I live we just won long battles to legalize pedi-buses, protect bicycle lanes, and Green taxis. A proposal for a polluting ‘Green’ public light rail so costly one could have bought everyone a new Prius every year was defeated. Florida libertarians have revived a coalition to remove anti-Green statutes (While things like started in 1969 when we united for direct democracy this now uses, extremists sell a narrative that libertarian-catalized broad coalitions are odd: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2015/01/16/green-tea-coalition-strange-bedfellows-fight-for-solar-power-in-sunshine-state /  ;)
  • Yes, we’re just beginning to understand how Green=Continual improvement. But what this process doesn’t involve are vast new coerced programs on climate (are officials reducing pollution--or forcing corporate terraforming?); or to forbid autonomous living; or forced gee-whiz techno-tools that reduce choice to raise costs, involve questionable ‘new’ materials, and backfire—like the recent lighting mandate in the USA banning older bulbs. Green tools for future focus:

o Legality of self-sustaining untaxed Green Homesteads in country and city for every family

o Insulation back-engineer of e.g. walls, appliances that naturally cool, heat, save money in buildings

o Legality of local low-impact vehicles that use batteries, pedals, etc.

o Legality of self-regulating farmer market’s in every neighborhood—not just set areas

o Study of ideal organic soils with encouragement of home-based food production, prepping

o Community progressive air/water pollution reduction guidelines and barrier walls

o Legality of tax-free/deductible organic co-ops, no-pollution agreed zones, firms, retrofits

o Use cap-and-trade to directly grant search for promising low-pollution technology as intended

o Focus on voluntary choices--and not taxing, seizing, or regulating the above when they work


Earth Day is one tool to raise awareness. But Green solutions, like all voluntary choices, start and end at home.

Check out: http://reason.com/blog/2014/09/21/joel-salatin-against-elitism-at-lpac2014



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