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Libertarian International Organization Fellows @ 600: The Original SALON Continues.

Posted on March 30, 2015 at 4:10 PM


Over 225 years ago Henriette De Lemos y Herz Lemos curated the then League and nascent Libertarian International project in our then ancient Salon plus her girl's school networking the greatest minds and activists of the day--and creating the first world corps of liberally educated and self-empowering women. We continue to drive Enlightenment, Science, and Rights awareness.

By MG.

  • The LIO Fellows--SMILE-interested advisors, plus pledged Libertarian advisors, plus 'friends of MG'--is our advisory and inspirational body our curators seek out of cultural and academic leaders...with a sprinkling of contrarians that get even my phlegmatic tolerance pause. Their work helps spur SMILE dialogue and are increasingly serving as your personal think tank and college on edgy and provocative tools and ideas. If their Honorary chair and I are our LIO consuls, they're our advisory Senate.
  • Historically, they're derived from the councils of the Lemos clan and the associated Libertarian communes, and in our modern (post-1592) form their first head was Cervantes ( I recommend 'Don Quixote' be re-read as a Liberalist/libertarianist novel...plus read the dedication to Book 2...you'll be surprised and motivated) followed by Galileo (an early Gilson project was to get him to Harvard University; he agreed and should have been our first great American philosopher but shortly thereafter died; I recommend his 'Dialogue on Two World Systems' for college students). LIO Fellow views are their own.
  • Now I've completed one of my to-do's in my career modeling applied philosophy: to bring their number to an historical high of 600, loosely divided by SMILE area, and a number to maintain over future decades...plus another body of interesting youth leaders as a pool for future Fellows. This has been difficult and time consuming, and while underway many have passed on. While continuing our current futurist social media
  • ...over the next years we'll be improving access to their (and past LIO Fellow) links with a special page, occasional PDF newsletter, plus increasingly posting their illustrative thinkpieces with links and doings here. In addition, we will revive 'The Libertarian' blog and LIO Twitter as your weekly/daily source of timely and actionable SMILE-interest data, news, and tools that you can use. This will of course improve their ability to mutually connect where desired. These folks cover many fields from a scientist working on time-equations to Green activists to experts on direct democracy and life extension. They sure help me, and I know you'll find a lot you home can enjoy. Many have put up additional Facebooks and more...bringing valuable tools to all.
  • Finally, the LIO SMILE community project to develop local Salon networks is piloting fine in Pinellas, Florida, to help people share and process these many interesting links and materials and pass on their own. If you would like to train to develop your own local SMILE Salon, let me know https://www.facebook.com/pages/Michael-Gilson-DeLemos-Futurist-Libertarians/110984002277446?" target="_blank">via my Facebook with futurist libertarians where I pass on some of the things the LIO Fellows bring to my attention...  As always, participation is free, and as we say: Enjoy!

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