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Quickie: Extreme Left Campaign VS. Libertarian Net Neutrality? Attack What You Claim to Save

Posted on March 4, 2015 at 2:20 PM
  • L/libertarian LIO Fellows and fans conceptualized, removed blocking legislation, and made material inventions that created the Internet. Coercive Government programs didn't create the web* --and Net/Cable neutrality is a Libertarian promise and concept against which the extreme Left fought tooth and nail in efforts to suppress the Libertarian-developed web--and is now fighting again. The Web is on the whole a public-offer entity that should thus be non-discriminatory. This legal view has nothing to do with out-moded anti-monopoly legislation that in fact creates coerced monopolies.
  • This so-called recent extreme 'left victory' to 'save' net neutrality is meant to destroy it via a regulatory vote in the US that, if you read the measure and are aware of past policies of interpretation, lays a groundwork for government-controlled discrimination and censorship, and bad example for other nations. The typical pro-libertarian sees no reason why scared by the prospect of mythical arbitrary provider charges, you should suffer coercive government-sponsored taxes and service blackouts. What coercive taxes, spying, and censorship as exist by official approval should be abolished, not increased.  I'm sure many LIO Libertarians will continue address coercive regulations that do the opposite of what they claim--and also defend net neutrality.
  • How? As has been done for decades now. No coerced regulation is needed to enforce public-offer status, only class action suits if education/joint consumer action fails. Such personal to mass voluntary consumer action has kept the net neutral.(It also publicizes LIO/Libertarian tools and attitudes, which the totalitarians also fear.)The extreme left hates consumer action, consumer data, consumer unions, and as always uses the slogans of democracy to promote a totalitarian set-up. The extreme Left want you to forget how they suppressed communication under Communism, almost seized control of the world untoil they were stopped by Libertarian action, and in 1970's promoted a web model (according to Sen Ted Kennedy in a discussion with me) that by 2050 would give the entire US a capacity of 1 MB to 'protect people from greed.' In this they're joined by the extreme right and rogue companies anxious to be an aristocracy of 'bribes and pull' insulated from choices by consumers, namely you.
  • This extreme Left campaign against net neutrality will fail. (They're next step, again working with the extreme right against the middle, will be to try and increase cable regulation--which has caused many channels to fall into the hands of a few companies--and end public-access cable as we know it.) We'll see less of these inanities  with the spread of a philosophy of reason, logic, facts, choice.


  • *Coercive Government programs didn't create the web, just as many purported things we 'owe to government' were created by voluntary effort or Libertarians of the day. In US Law government creates and owns nothing: It's a trustee of the people, and many LIO L/libertarians and fans are helping put people in better control.



( as always, this is offered for dialogue and is not necessarily the opinion of LIO/ its participants).



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