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Forget Capitalism & Communism: Mondragon + Growing Libertarian SMILE Economy

Posted on March 1, 2015 at 9:55 AM


Left, LIO Fellow Father Arrizmendiarrieta provided perspective on what is now the SMILE platform  and was one of LIO head's MG's teachers. The genial Bicycling Padre championed worker/consumer co-ops encouraging local entrepreneurs. His Mondragon project is a now a network of eco-friendly firms with their own university, other social services, plus global how-to efforts--and was looked at as a model for future Space communities at the 100 Year Starship conference. In Pinellas, Florida, activists using the there 30,000+ participant LIO Pinellas Libertarians Friends discuss a proposal where consumers can set wages with an extra contribution; activists have now started re-share, pay-it-forward, permaculture/eco-home farming legality, and freeshare networks there. These ideas challenge common assumptions and false choices, and 'flip the script' on prejudices on what capitalism and communism can or can't do when done with a forward,-looking voluntary focus: Libertarian co-op mutualism, grounded on individual respect, using and transcending all socio-economic approaches as optional tools, no more
 Discuss: Would anchors such as Mondragon and this sort of activism in every community be bad? What laws or attitudes block them?



By MG.

Takeway: In the LIO Libertarian future, the poor will be the millionaires. Critics will say Libertarians failed.

Dialogue Sheet.

(Note: This began as a series of talks with LIO Fellows Gene Roddenberry, Robert Heinlein, R.Swanson, Murray Bookchin, Murray Rothbard, and David Nolan in 1974, plus valuable comments by Barbara Branden and Toni Nathan plus my promise to Padre A. The late Swanson developed an original draft. This as always is the curator’s advice for dialogue and as promising tools, and different LIO fans may have different takes.)

The social sciences and most legislative proposals are fatally flawed for 3 reasons: They tacitly assume people are not conscious and hence are mere pawns of wider forces. They ignore that Libertarians are reshaping all societies by providing tools that improve personal awareness and control. They ignore the rise of more user-defined societies and economies with tools as a long-term vision of the SMILE economy, and interest in building blocks as eco-homes and co-op ventures as Mondragon (founded by Libertarian international activists). for example, neither capitalism nor communism gave us the internet--LIO Libertarians did, using voluntary capitalist and communist approaches to change the paradigm. Some 5 key tools that render most predictions obsolete from the start:

1. SMILE. LIO Fellow and Libertarian Gene Roddenberry sought to demonstrate a libertarian-structured and receptive future federation of intelligent, science-aware, and tolerant people--the Star Trek universe--so people could get inspired and in many cases back-engineer the many improvements ( e.g. e-tablets/Ipads originally seen in Star Trek; the portrayal of minorities and women as capable and equal)--but also traditional cultures were respected and left undisturbed except for the prospect of choice. Imagine now that public policymakers are often proposing rules to prevent such a world of choice from happening. Will they win in the long term, depending on unconscious general reactions and a spread of nihilism? LIO fans/libertarians have left behind the old smear that free-exchange is short-sighted, working locally and nationally for a moratorium eventually anchored on property law on air/sea pollution and for more eco-homes, free to low-cost machine servants for all, consumers informed by free exchange of data instead of secrecy-driven regulations, life-extension and user-defined community. In contrast, officials and economists call for contradictory imposed environmental policies that benefit wealth donors or totalitarian movement or use eminent domain to take away family farms and small homes and prohibit urban mini-farms; propose web charges, pro-censorship regulations, taxes; presume consumer choices are stupid and ill-informed creating an anti-rational culture; call for health plans to not treat the elderly--defined by some as over 71--but let them die while seizing private pensions and ignoring or suppressing life extension efforts and calls by LIO fans/libertarians for a retirement age of 50 by better social insurance management and personalized programs; calling for international taxation when the trend is towards libertarian-inspired localist autonomy. Any paper in social/science economics that ignores the growing SMILE direction as aware and insistent is wrong.

2. Eco-Homes and Co-ops; more proactive and user-defined pricing to Null-cost. An economy with eco-homes to local eco-villages as self-sustaining building blocks, and Libertarian-inspired entrepreneurs and co-operatives that see their job as driving costs down do products can be offered at nominal (null) price or free make a mockery of most official policies and economic predictions that stupidly assume 'the market' is driven by senseless anti-rights greed. the truth is many policies forbid free or low-cost services and are being targeted by libertarian/LIO fans: New rules against informal babysitting co-ops, Mondragon-like co-operatives and associations; collecting rainwater to create self-sustaining food ecologies, for coerced regulations creating higher prices and costs, penalizing helping the homeless or draconically taxing the poor who are trying to start a small firm, delegalizing taking films of police and public and private-for-public use officials at work (or too often, at play). Officials hiding corruption and anti-rights measures behind calls to selflessness, not self-empowering choices, are the problem.

3. The coming Libertarian leisure economies by IQ class. As more people are freed to produce intellectually and by providing free/low-cost inventions, financial compensation will-and is already shifting—from lifetime wages to burst of wage activity anchored by investment (or value from discount purchases) returns and co-op goods (such as belonging to an eco-farm, or well-organized extended families) from investments and self-fulfillment activity, and a return to self-sustaining farmlets with city homes able to weather any economic downturn personal or general. Officials are being driven to distraction by the growth of a vast libertarian-imitative informal economy where people trade goods to great benefit. They’re attempting to limit them by banning direct sales or trades of farm products as raw milk, or limiting barter societies and ‘yard sale’/swap meets—or trying to tax all internet sales, informal domestic help or live-ins, or even ban personally taking in homeless people. It's more productive to think of world economies, especially user-defined markets that may set various goals. LIO fans have liberated the Einstein-level plus IQ--the 1 per millions or better--by removing many blocking statutes and taxes so they the super-intelligent act, creating a vast rise in billionaires who earned--not stole via legislation--their money ( along with a bursting of NGO and e-network non-profits for the less financially inclined). At the same time, voluntary-based programs and growing legalization of communal/co-housing living ease a base income and equality experiments. Focus is on removing statutes that block egalitarian business co-ops such as Mondragon. The current 1% vs. 40% debate misses the point--of course the top 1% IQ of doctors, academics, inventors do very well while the slow-normal to highly deficient to insane lower IQ--the 40%--historically suited as domestics have only modest assets ( especially as such studies distort the inequalities, ignoring the vast libertarian/progressive driven public wealth of each citizen, plus where the low-income keep their wealth such as homes and retirement pensions). Many LIO fans are thinking we'll see more inequality writ large and that's a good thing--it means that the hyper-IQ are producing benefits for all--but also on the local level to be fair one must look at local goals that will be more conscious as we see better endowed social programs, and co-operative living arrangements. Old economic dialogues divert attention from how to use voluntary tools to, in each locality, create leisure eco-economies of guaranteed basic sustenance (home, food allotment, income, insurances) and modest 10-hour workweeks with robot servants for all. Many LIO fans are 'Going Galt' by using personal endowments, fanatic cost-cutting, and the web to lower needed workweek to a few hours while increasing their community volunteering and personal activities--yet ready to put in long work when opportunities arise. Nothing shows this more than recent smears on 'selfish Libertarians' during hurricane s sandy while praising FEMA as absolutely required--and arresting those who had accumulated prepper reserves or were going around regulations to bring gas and cheap supplies to their communities. Now, lawsuits are revealing that the whole time the anti-Libertarian/pro-government campaign by the extreme left and right hid that FEMA officials wanted to maximize damage to bring blind trust in the government then defraud homeowners of insurances ( and according to allegations, then buy up the artificially cheap damaged homes) and even threatening them arrest when they got they retrieved their own home-damage reports (so revealing government and crony corporation misdeeds) using their libertarian right to free information. FEMA is being foiled by local libertarian-informed groups, the libertarian-driven freedom of information act and class action suits, and growing interest in libertarian prepping. LIO fans and L/libertarians recognize that these are not exceptions but what anti-rights and anti-choice systems do. With growing public conversancy in libertarian /SMILE tools, a different economy/user-driven economies based on voluntary approaches that actually can work --or are at least not designed to defraud--is intended. The shift of attitude underway is:

• From focusing without context on income differences over a few years looking at the whole nation or world irrelevant to one’s personal action (e.g. scandalized worries comparing the low-income in a distant US state with a billionaire in Canada who now purportedly ‘controls most of society’s resources’ )

• To instead conscious bottom-up planning of multi-generational co-households –plans of 2-10 of the Higher/Middle IQ with allied lower-IQ homes for reaching satisfactory personal and common-use wealth goals over several generations—and supplemented by, not being driven by, now voluntary larger common public programs/social insurances as optional conveniences. (Point of information: a typical group of 100 homes will have 1% over 145 IQ and 2 % over genius 130; ~30% 110+ IQ college and technologist level, 20% average union/clerk-supervisor level, and ~40% at/under 95 IQ low-average to very low IQ domestic/simple labor/need living assistance. In practice, a college-educated and libertarian/SMILE conversant family can help and benefit by ‘adopting’ or establishing mutual help ties with 1 middle and 1 lower-IQ home, and serve as informed advocates of their actual needs against e.g. over-complex programs and aiding them in long-term investment and removing or handling any impairments, and steer people away from offenses-violent behavior and addictions.

Many LIO fan libertarian homes say they’re discussing, modeling, or doing just that by:

• Developing libertarian/SMILE informed neighborhood networks

• Re-contacting and revitalizing their extended families

• Encouraging eco-prepping entire local communities and foodshare programs that buy cheap in bulk for distribution to low-income volunteers, and ending statutes against worker/user co-ops

• Promoting local entrepreneurship classes, re-share, and forward share networks and stores

• Advising, co-housing or ‘adopting’ lower-IQ (bottom 40%) persons or homes for mutual and long-term benefit as a barrier to top-down feudalism, and jointly

• Developing co-housing, shared activity, solo-living assistance, and long-term intergenerational education and wealth plans/permanent portfolio plans with assets in several countries as both an ecological and official-misbehavior protection

• Encouraging cities to adopt independent and labor/asset based local currency choice, de-tax solar energy experiments, and allow farmer’s markets, mass buying via local farms, and more

• Turning poor areas into user-run ones owned by their users to prevent gentrification, aid long-term help

Individually, LIO fans use these tools to help think about what sort of home, community, and local economy they want from short to long term. They defy economic and 'moral' analysis rooted in the totalitarian 1930's.

One final thought about the SMILE economy: The unexplored planets and wealth therein are your home’s in aliquot division with all other families. It may well be that in future times they will own their own planet. At the same time vast ‘government’ but legally public common wealth is being mismanaged so defenseless people live in the streets, and the US Government perversely counts as an asset student loans while demanding new taxes for ‘free colleges’—all due to passing many regulations to hinder by-exam/thesis and other low-cost or free college options. Why let petty regulations and attitudes stand in the way of these present and long-term entitlements?

Discuss these concepts with your family and community along with our other tools to decide on your areas for betterment. What is your home's constitution, learning/prosperity plan, self-sustaining, life extension, mutual help, and other short-to-long term intergenerational approach?

Tools: Take Action-- Some Resources of Libertarian User-Defined Home and on Economy:


What not to do…

• http://www.lpf.org/news-archive/south-florida-libertarians-join-forces-feed-homeless-today/

• http://insider.foxnews.com/2014/01/27/farmer-faces-2-million-fines-after-throwing-birthday-party-her-own-property


Home wealth/Co-housing/Condo

• http://www.thefarm.org LIO Fellow Gaskin’s commune turned condo offers many tools

• http://www.biblio.com/9781891231339 Homeless man discovers Libertarian tools, becomes homeowner.

• http://harrybrowne.org/PermanentPortfolioResults.htm

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• http://vickirobin.com/books/summary-of-your-money-or-your-life

• http://iqcomparisonsite.com/IQtable.aspx In general, a billionaire who in general didn’t misemploy legislation to effectively steal money based on our interviews has a 170+ IQ, and of those willing to learn how in the US now one in 10 homes are millionaires--but even modest IQ homes that are helped to save and invest are building substantial wealth over time. Obviously, many highly intelligent people choose more modest living or are not interested in studying precise wealth-building techniques.

Free exchange rethought the Libertarian way…

• http://www.mondragon-corporation.com/eng/

• http://www.heinleinsociety.org/pay-it-forward Heinlein publicized pay-it-forward free exchange approach

• http://free-share.org/

• https://www.freecycle.org/

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• http://www.communityeconomies.org/Home

• http://www.ic.org/directory/ecovillages  



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