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Libertarian Party World Alliance Underway

Posted on February 21, 2015 at 2:10 PM


...coming to a nation near you.

By MG, LIO curator.

I'm delighted to share the news of work towards a world Libertarian Parties Alliance. While activist contact groups exist, this will allow more formal work. My friend former www.lp.org chair Geoff Neale was appointed at their recent 2014 convention to help get things rolling. He reports: "...Last year, the National Convention of the Libertarian Party approved a resolution calling for the creation of an international association of Libertarian parties (IALP-MG), and suggested that I be appointed to assist in its creation. Since July of 2014, I have been working with people from the US, UK, Spain and the Netherlands to help found this organization...On March 6th, 2015, this organization will become a reality...Please like and share."

Today, IALP states: We are holding our formal Founding Meeting in Bournemouth, UK on March 6th, 2015. Confirmed Founding Members as of this posting are from Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States.

The Purposes of the International Alliance of Libertarian Parties (IALP) are:

To establish, maintain and promote a collaborative network of independent libertarian political parties from around the globe; to foster and facilitate the sharing of political strategies, tactics, experiences and best practices among its Members; and, to establish, maintain and promote libertarian political perspectives and solutions as a global brand.

Please join their Facebook to keep abreast:  https://www.facebook.com/IALibertarianParties/ 


There's some interesting history here.   In 2000 I worked with the USLP on developing its correspondent efforts to something more formal in conformity with the oddities of US law. It was agreed that when 3 countries besides the US had explicit party Libertarians in public office, it would be time to revisit the issue. At present, Australia, Costa Rica, Russia, US are notable. In recent years Euro-libertarian parties have created a joint statement and doing essential groundwork. Many other countries--Belarus, Norway, NZ--have libertarians in libertarianist parties, and many LIO fans are in non-partisan office from China to South Sudan.

Oddly enough, as a curator project (LIO endorses no parties) my initial focus in 1969 was reviving the Liberal and creating world conservative and Green alliances. Today, in several countries the Libertarians and greens are basically the same ( I created the Greens with my then companion, Petra Kelley on a common 10-point outline with the Libertarian civic platform). These provided conduits for voluntary and rights-sensitive concepts e.g. In many countries of course the main issue is developing basic libertarian-receptive democracy.

 A project aim (dubbed the 'Troika' approach by David Nolan)  is creating 3 libertarian-receptive parties of the center to discuss or focus on championing rights via voluntary eco-tools: liberalist (libertarian-oriented in our terminology) eco-parties to build the tolerant and stabilizing working-middle class, a libertarian-direction/federalist party such as the www.lp.org with invitation for people to take the non-coercion pledge, and on the local level groups working on LIO model and model-based Libertarian eco-home/eco-community with a focus on non-partisan local and especially appointive office (and centered on a project we share: See: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Libertarian-Program-Libertarians-in-Public-OfficeGOAL/221275797927517  ).  As always, L/libertarians/LIO fans work in all parties: these parties fill a gap and are offered as public conveniences (e.g. the original name for www.lp.org was 'New Liberals' but after discussion with LIO Libertarians was agreed). In due course almost all parties will start from Libertarian tools as a matter of course, whether with focus on the natural conservative/progressive social brakes and accelerators and their constituencies-- or on specific issues. In the US, we've already seen instances where the 'Big Party' candidate chided the www.lp.org candidate as having anti-Libertarian positions.

The civic mission of Libertarianism is to legalize libertarian-based societies from homes on. The www.lp.org has developed considerable institutional knowledge and materials that all parties interested in bettering awareness of rights can use. USLP public officials, despite occasional heated rhetoric, tend to lead the bodies they serve and are valued as calm resources for rights, due process, 'less-is-more' and voluntary options that empower the average person. I predict that as the materials and activist experiences of the different groups are shared, we'll see more great results. I hope to see the IALP logo in all nations with member parties or associated civic groups.

NB: And finally, for all you astro-biology/astrology fans (because we're full-service): Looks like IALP is a 5th House Pisces with Virgo Moon and Libra ascendant (9 AM meeting assumed), strong stellium in Aries and lucky Jupiter in the 11th House of politics. So it's well-aspected for visionary but precise action, likeability, both overt and behind-the-scenes work, and rewards initiative and informality. It will reach a peak of popularity starting in 20 years.

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