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Operation Saturation: What You Should Do

Posted on December 13, 2014 at 1:25 AM

Libertarian Individuals Mean Community Progress.

  1. Verify and meet your local ~500-home district and share e.g. the Quiz, invite to a meeting to share suggestions to create to-do for voluntary-based local betterment.
  2. From respondents develop a 1-5 home non-partisan informal group of SMILE-aware homes working on the to-do list, conviviality, and improving awareness. Consider involvement/development in neighborhood boards, appointive public office, mutual-help ( e.g. senior/babysitting, community garden or watch co-op), coalition initiatives. Note problem homes--sources of criminal offense or totalitarian ideology--for dialogue. In a positive spirit meet with local leaders so they can help and are aware. This we call clear and secure. Use our tools for ideas and inspiration.
  3. Keep us aware of your wins, and repeat process every few years. That's it.


Since 1969, this is how we've reversed the fall of civilization into totalitarian eco-disaster. This is how civilization is maintained. 7 favorite LIO fan projects:

  1. Make homes prepped, non-abusive, a team
  2. Teach logic/critical thinking, entrepreneurship, applied comparative ethics in schools
  3. Workshops in democratic activism, LIO ideas, family finance and savings
  4. Community trips/suppers with speaker on science/practical topic
  5. Coercive tax elimination with low-cost service choice/expansion
  6. Community: Garden, policing-watch, meals, book exchange, foodshare
  7. Brainstorm 50 voluntary-based improvements in mass meeting and have at it.

By doing this in due course every home on earth will be aware of LIO tools/libertarian help.

--Your local Libertarian International Organization fans. www.libertarianinternational.org


Re-posted 2015. Please link, translate, share--and/or photocopy, politely hand out to 1000 surrounding homes.

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