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@ 8 million worldwide, average L/libertarian is Asian woman.

Posted on February 13, 2015 at 7:00 AM


LIO Friend Fely Gahan (4th from right) at international understanding event. Gahan, an educator in the Philippines, helps bring the web to tribal groups. She's the average LIO fan: an Asian/3rd world working woman for tolerance, open democracy, voluntary tools.


◾LIO: LIO fans now at 8 million households worldwide: 52% women, in every country & major ethnicity proportionally, about 40% in China & India driving reform. As of July 17, 2013 this exceeded the original LIO goal of one fan per 1000 population. Many are leaders in their extended families and communities. Over the next several years we will be re-formatting the D-base for a continuing contact project for bringing the pledge to lead households and SMILE info over the next 2 generations to every household (OPERATION SATURATION). NOTE: We share our D-base with no one.

◾WHO ARE THE (PRO-)/LIBERTARIANS? LIO encourages dialogue on progress through benign voluntary associations--the SMILE self organizing agenda--( see www.libertarianinternational.org ) and as well in the E part a special curator project to --in a liberal democratic secular and federalist milieu—empower and legalize-normalize model LIO or Lib-based eco-communities whether from non-abusive and self-sustaining households to co-housing to model eco-campuses to designed markets/social communities focused on a co-op based leisure society of robot work to eventual model towns as stabilizers and incubators of conservation and progress.

◾LIO Fans are Libertarians and Libertarian-receptive general supporters and users, and as far as the curator project ( E in SMILE) to promote dialogue and legalization of model communities to protect and better philosophy, science and progress the national goals are to encourage formation of additional 'Libs' over several generations with more formal Libs/libertarians: An eventual 35% aware 'libertarian' appliers from the more informal Lib-receptive and users ( with interest in liberal democracy) ; 1% pledged advocates of core rights and voluntary options ( Large 'L' Libertarian-direction ) from the primarily genius-level 2% professionals/craft masters ( as community advocates of dialogue for voluntary options and federalist localism and as rights watchdogs/ whistleblowers'); and special 1 per million population LIO Libertarian auditors being households about/over 170 IQ responsible to the Gilson-Lemos Household as project curator and movement founder. LIO Friends ( this Facebook) networks core LIO fans who share or encourage personal and social entrepreneurship non-partisan projects and tips on SMILE lines.

◾8 MILLION LIBERTARIAN USERS OR SUPPORTERS Since 1969 when curator M. Gilson-De Lemos began the LIO growth and Empower Libertarian Eco-Community projects with persons pledged to advocate rights and voluntary options--especially in home and public administration--dialogue, LIO has turned the old Libertarian-Liberal League into a massive network for betterment. Since 2005 we have had supporter groups in every country.

◾Our growth model has been always to grow equally proportionate to population composition--gender, major ethnicity, etc.--in all countries, with slight over -representation of women, minorities, native peoples where possible, and the higher IQ. The focus for developing community has been first in Spain/The Americas which have a larger proportion among LIO Fans of libertarian conscious appliers or Libertarian/Libertarian-direction advocates. LIO D-bases are not maintained directly by LIO principals to assure confidentiality. The D-bases are set to be re-organized and a more formal system of e-outreach emplaced in future years. Thus at present the 'typical libertarian' is an LIO Fan/Lib-receptive in China or India, a woman working on democracy, family development, pro-science and against corruption. They influence the general population. In the US we estimate from 5% in 1971 the population after one generation 35% is Lib-interested to Libertarian. Of these 5% are in the Libertarian or Green movements; 5% conservatives, 10% Independent/centrist and 15% Liberalist-progressive in preferred application.

◾LIO Fans are thus in general about 1+ per 1000 of each nation’s population ( or 1 per 500 of the voting population) varying from the highly active to casual users and general supporters in contact with LIO or its projects. In the US the d-base has 300,000 participants typically leaders in their local or professional communities working to catalyze dialogue on a wide array of SMILE issues. These influence the general population starting with the college educated and craft professionals so it is now 35% Lib-receptive and 2% avowed regular Libertarian Party ( a libertarian-direction group focused on core rights and social tolerance, anti-corruption through less government coercive authority, and promoting ‘baby-step’ libertarian-voluntary options) voter or activist and 5% regularly interested as one indicator of interest and social shift. ( The LIO Curator and principals also co-founded the Green movement to advance local-based libertarianist socialism in the Cold War and also spread interest in the ecology and taking such decisions out of the hands of officials and favored corporations and back into legal action by the citizen plus positive eco-homes and community models) : The growing use of the term ‘Green’ is also an LIO indicator). More importantly, all political parties have adopted some LIO tools from sensible privatization to ‘Greening’ to more tolerance advocacy.

◾8 MILLION LIO LIBS: POWERFUL STABILIZER, PEER-SCIENCE FORCE While the LIO is a volunteer network that neither accepts nor donates money but only advocates dialogue on the matters suggested by the curator and its many advisors, 4 MM users many of high intelligence with powerful trans-partisan networks sharing insights on peer-driven or personal voluntary approaches in every field and every nation is a formidable force for both change and the emerging world civilizational stability-- and growing: We note that LIO Fans have reformed through catalysis or in some cases direct leadership every government on Earth, and dramatically overthrown or reformed over 150 extremist, authoritarian or corrupt systems of undesirable qualities towards Lib-receptive democracy or highly participative societies as a ‘stage one’ for of Libertarian civic legalization, that in due course will improve towards ‘stage two’ localist federalism and autonomy with stricter attention to rights.

◾More important, they’re driving interest in more open social modes such as student-driven learning, non-punitive parenting, racial-gender-class dialogue and understanding, open workgroups, market and social co-operatives, co-housing, condo ownership, vast voluntary ecology zones, volunteer NGO’s, community policing and mediation, etc. as tools or engines of process and betterment.

◾The LIO in 2005 began S.M.I.L.E. 'E' model projects through its Libertarian Citizen /Libertarian City Initiatives to network the 1% in each major community interested in SMILE lines and voluntary options in public administration presented on a non-partisan or advisory board basis.

◾While still in the analysis-training and experiment stage, in the next 15 years we hope these will result in some 100 SMILE networks in cities around the world as incubators for small model eco-communities/co-housing model pilots, and as networks for relaxed non-partisan dialogue groups to improve attention to SMILE tools in daily and work life, and seek common ground on core rights of person and their property via better democratic transparency and participation, promote saturation education using voluntary tools, and assist world peace through sharing tools of peaceful people-power.

◾From the original 5 pledgers and some 300 League supporters across the world in 1969 to 8MM today, LIO Fans can look with satisfaction at the incredible changes of the last generation that they have helped bring in often unsung effort and that have halted what many feared was irreversible decline into a now very hope-filled future.

◾Many things all people enjoy—the Personal Computer, cell communications, many inventions—were also created by LIO Fellows who advised each other and LIO Fans of needed legal changes and social memes so their work could bear quick fruit and not languish for generations as has often happened. Many groups now imitate –such as TED—the LIO prototype, and we will continue to expand this inter-generational conversation or salon among the benevolent that began in 1592 when we were the De Lemos Council encharged with promoting free scientific and improvement associations and networking free Republics, philosopher communes, and freeholder libertarian communes under Lemos protection of those dark days.


To help the effort, share your good work--and let your friends and circle know about our encouragement networks: Urge them to select what they like from the dialogue and as we say: Enjoy!



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