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REVIEW 2011-14: Libertarians: Vast Progress, Key Definitions

Posted on February 13, 2015 at 9:35 AM

Libertarian International Organization curator Michael Gilson-De Lemos--MG--has some great news + good clarifications ( like what's a Libertarian, and civic platform?). Retired, he's a Libertarian in public office in Pinellas county, Florida, US.


Thank you for your interest in our benign, benevolent, and beneficent rights and self-development sharing network and associated unofficial movement. With the dramatic growth since 2000 and changes at LIO, I will be editing here for now. This REVIEW shares wins and hard-to-get data so old-timers may re-focus, newcomers get up to speed. When in doubt be nice, SMILE, and share www.testpolitico.com   or this thinkpiece—MG.





Since 1985 every 2-5 years we review LIO wins and progress. This replaces the previous 25-year reviews after the 1904-6 (led by my grandmather, co-organizer of the 1913 women’s march Katherine Gardner Gilson and my Grandfather J. Gilson, who led the first LIO workshop leading to the UN Rights Declaration—the ultimate statement of Liberal Civilization on which the LIO civic platform is based.) formalization of non-partisan LIO or Libertarian International Organization as a Lemos Council/Liberal-Libertarian League/salons (‘The League” created in 1450 and formalized 1592 by my collateral ancestor, Peter De Lemos, ) project. The League is now LIO Group. Since 1969 when I pledged the first modern Libertarians with LIO permission, I’ve grown it to the largest home-to-home goodwill, human rights, and pro-science network in history. LIO is free, neither accepts nor donates funds, is all-volunteer to highlight your good work. In 1964-66 at the Salmanca meetings it revoked all past Libertarianisms for my then-new LIO (Gilson) Libertarian Pledge (to advocate respect for UN Rights by choices of principled-voluntary, punishment-free, proactive, peaceful tools; not based on initiation of force systems).


First, let me note the sad passing of Dr. Ralph Swanson (Libertarian Pledge by my father in 1939 and past Honorary Chair), the Brandens (co-formalizers of Objectivism or secularized, modernized Aristotelianism), and Toni Nathan (first US Woman to receive a presidential electoralvote) who handled many thinkpieces here. Also, many other LIO Fellows have passed on: Philosopher Stephen Gaskin who led interest in modern LIO Libertarian-based communes to co-housing/condominiums; last of the traditional Iberian-Spanish Libertarian anarcho-communards nobelist J. Saramago, G. Fontenis, and my mentors Joan Catala and Francisco Carrasquer; and Fellows as actor Edward Herrman, M. Anderson, and my honorary godmother and behind-the-scenes tolerance diplomat the Countess Lemos and Duchess Alba. I intend a memorial booklet. I’ll edit here for now.


Now, let’s review progress in our 3 core eco-platforms: Civil (SMILE), Citizen, Civic.


CIVIL Libertarianism:



The majority of libertarians (small-l appliers/users of SMILE tools)/LIO fans are women. Canadian native American activist Meaghan Champion is interested in native autonomy, homeschooling, and community alternate currency tools.

Brief: The Civil Libertarian platform agenda defines Libertarianism as dialogue/study and use of principled/UN rights-based voluntary, non-punitive, proactive, and peaceful solutions in all fields summarized as SMILE. That is, Libertarianism is a subset of the Liberal Arts. The main activity is curation of the LIO Fellows and now Friends (for activists) boards for sharing inspirational data. LIO Friends is now 5000+ with someone in each nation. Join: www.facebook.com/LibertarianInternationalOrganization  


Status: Official small-l LIO libertarian/LIO fans are (2014) at 8 million homes proportionately distributed worldwide: We’ve one LIO fan home per ~1000-home district, so our average libertarian/LIO fan is a working woman in Asia. I’ve stopped active outreach to see how momentum grows us for now: At a later date I intend a funded separate outreach effort to bring this to 5-home teans of 1+ large-L pledged Libertarian. We’re something new in human experience, a new cross-institution invention: an alliance of homes across all borders and cultures interested in rights and benign voluntary tools.


Note: While we welcome unofficial small-libertarians (libertarian-receptives) and Liberalist center LIO fans, our focus is on offical LIO fans/libertarians. Let me greet libertarian unofficials who self-identify and work for more open democracy especially via autonomous groups of LIO Fellows/fans: e.g. users of the older www.ISIL.org , www.TheAdvocates.org , www.FEE.org , www.Liberal-International.org  and newer international www.StudentsforLiberty.org   www.yalliberty.org  and world www.campaignforliberty.org  , and registereds in all political parties including centrist Liberal (build tolerant worker-middle class)--plus libertarian-direction (rights, following with the US www.lp.org ) and Green parties ( eco-democracy) which I helped start as public conveniences with David Nolan and my companion Petra Kelly respectively. To be an official LIO small-l libertarian applier or user, be on our list using ~ 60% of LIO tools. Please share Nolan Chart, be non-violent, and consider non-partisan public office.


2011-2014 Libertarian Civil Wins: S: Normalization of private action on Space colonies in the public mind, also 100-year Starship yearly conferrences catalyzed by LIO fellows towards the ‘Star Trek’ universe; fan Green/Operation Democracy projects underway all nations led ‘Arab Spring’ and progress in Myanmar. Green focus on user choice and air/sea/near-space non-pollution normalization; transparency groups now in all nations. M: Growth of the Libertarian-initiated internet and work to keep it net-neutral with reasonable pricing accomodations, and also censor-free; I: Long-awaited publication of Branden’s hard-to-get Objectivism lectures; L: Formation of ‘Manhattan Beach’ and more citizen-driven life extension/health projects; libertarian-led world reduction in poverty and rise-of-incomes from libertarian-informed freer economies; E: Pilot Non-partisan LIO Libertarian/SMILE community network project meets all goals in Pinellas County, Florida (population 1 million with 300,000 active voters) with 30,000 homes on its list, 100+ LIO/Lib-interested public officials. Training to start post-2018 100 similar official SMILE LIO Libertarian societies on each continent/key nation minus Antartica.


Historical notes: SMILE topics began to be implemented after a series of confidential to-do brainstorms with some 1000 science, consulting, and elected leaders in the 1970’s. While the unleashing of creativity is ongoing, a 3rd conference will be held in the 2070’s. I organized them and they were co-chaired by William Rogers and Carl Sagan. Operation Democracy began in 1971 and has brought democracyt to from 10% to 75% of nations, and reformed the tottering democracies towards rights-awareness and reduction of coercive taxes and regulations blocking people like you from common-sense action (e.g. it was a crime to attach a computer to a telephone, own gold, or invest in mutual funds in retirmenet accounts). The method was contact of organizing professionals to activate their circles for peaceful people-power transition to general democracy 15 years hence. Sister-City groups and citizen diplomacy programs were used very aggressively. This has resulted in the following democracy waves: the fall of petty Latin/Asian fascism and Communism, then many fascist regimes and betterment of e.g. US democracy, then the current push for Islamic Conference nations to democracy then secular democracy with religious freedom. LIO fans in general ask if nations must use troops just mostly protect elections: Let democracy work.




 Here, LIO Fellow C. Bette Wimbush, who led work for direct democracy in Florida and was the first city black city councilwoman in St. Petersburg, is sworn in. The Citizen Platform is that a world of libertarian-receptive Floridas might be a good step forward.

CITIZEN Libertarian platform:


Brief: This eco-platform spreads the ‘Libertarian Constitution’ of a world of regional 2015 Floridas of: libertarian-receptive direct democracy, county/municipal autonomy, and localist focus, without income tax or draft, and privatization-legality (legal private options),-transparency, -eco/garden-city, -more non-partisan office, and -equal party treatment policies. Such policies were installed by LIO fans in Florida. Advocates lead dialogue on voluntary self-government options to a confederate world civilization. The Constitution aids the first 3 UN rights via lib-friendly democracy, federalism, localism. Since 1971 my ALTER model for mission-focus is used: of a generation (30 years) each of SMILE/Libertarian-theme Assimilation, Libertarian pilot/terminology use, Transitional pilots, Evolution and normalization, and Reform-stabilization. The US and the world more generally is at the L stage, and other countries should count specific focus with creation of a libertarian-direction party or national discussion association.We ask pledged Libertarians to be resource people/leaders or ‘Libertarian Service’ in their communities, with Red Cross, Lifeguard, volunteer/public office, etc., activity.


Status/Wins: We’ve 800,000+ pledgers on record, with slight emphasis in the US and the remainder spread about proportionately in all nations. These’re formal pledge or Large-L Libertarian advocates or students of libertarian-receptive federalism ( you may register the starter 2nd-part ‘libertarian certification’ often incorrectly called the NAP with us or any group working to that end with www.lp.org) , with senior ones of 20 years fully adherent to my Gilson Legal Reform. Broadly, the pledge is for union-college educated people seeking more social choice and many interested in my Libertarian Philosophy as meta-philosophy or container community/dialogue protecting all dialogue. We’re exploring a pilot college-local area Libertarian Philosophy Honors club system. A main activity is promotion of general aware use and conversancy in the pledge/ pledge-inspired tools. See: www.facebook.com/pages/Libertarian-Platform-Pledge-Team-Libertario-Libertarien/257115214359027   and the aforesaid Libertarian Citizen/ LIO SMILE community projects.



African-American 9/11 martyr policeman and rights activist John Perry was then lead LIO Libertarian auditor, open to those of ~160+ (hyper-genius) IQ. He modeled interdisciplinary Libertarian philosophy and model eco-come/-village interests. See www.libertarianinternational.org/apps/blog/show/4848774-lio-advisor-john-perry-9-11-martyr-recalled

CIVIC Libertarian Platform (LIO Curator ‘E’ project)


Brief: The aim is legality of LIO homes and co-ops as tools of SMILE growth and as anchors of civilization. As Libertarianism/Green solutions become household words, this is what many first think of as ‘libertarianism’ namely legal projects derived from the Gilson Reform as Libertarian Charter for ideal Libertarian eco-homes and –village co-housing/condos. We’re seeing massive attitude shifts in the US/Europe towards Libertarian-identified favorable attitudes towards multi-cultural sensitivity, LGBT and gay marriage, marihuana legalization and debate on open consumer data and choice in e.g. vaccines, etc. to the point that there is a media consensus of a ‘Libertarian cultural shift’ in these countries. This dialogue is advances by LIO auditor Libertarian homes of senior advocates and ~160+ IQ—i.e. one per country + one per million inhabitants.


Status: We stopped registering pilot homes/eco-villages at 2000. I will issue a final Civic platform after certain legal issues are settled (I promised to delay this to post 2017). My permanent libertarian-directional ( federalist) model legal platform was issued with broad Libertarian interdisciplinary readings was blessed by the US Libertarians under direction of Dr. Hospers, David Nolan, and assent by the 2004 US LP convention, along with a strategic plan, as a toolkit and may be retrieved at: www.LibertarianBookClub.org  (there’re now over 500 home/local clubs worlwide). Political groups may use these as inspiration. As a result, autonomous Libertarianist parties and civic groups beyond the key original ones in the US, Spain (reformed as the www.p-lib.es ) and Norway are popping up and getting people in public office in every continent with Senators in Australia and Costa Rica. As of 2002 Libertarians get elected locally more easily than Democrats and Republicans ( a fact obscured by many running solely to provide legal presence) and in over 50% of the cases lead the bodies they serve. More: there is now a demand for LIO L/libertarians—who’re perceived as rights-oriented, resources on voluntary tools, and polite consensus-builders-- for neighborhood and appointed non-partisan boards that has outstripped the number of civically inclined and trained L/libertarians. To address the public demand and facilitate focus on non-partisan and prefereably appointive/advisory local public office, quango’s and coalitions, over 5000 LIO Libertarians and Libertarian-interested past and present non-partisan public officials from Russia to South Sudan are being networked by my son, himself a past teen Libertarian in 5 public offices—County Youth Advisory, Trail Park, 2 Library Advisory, and Citizen’s Postal Council--in the now official arm and professional association for LIO fans in civic office: www.facebook.com/pages/Libertarian-Program-Libertarians-in-Public-OfficeGOAL/221275797927517 A contact group for activists especially in Libertarianist/ Green parties is underway with manuals archive. LIO as such endorses no party or candidate.


Wins: Wins only means legalization as an option of my model/libertarian-based eco-homes. This implies a personal conscience waiver roadmap for all statutes.This is the formal political mission (adopted 1985/86) of civic L/libertarians adopted in world conference then re-affirmed permanently by the www.lp.org and successors. The rationality of the model has, however, led to wide public adaptation and dialogue. Please note that many unofficial or even avowed non-libertarians (such as US Senator Rand Paul) in elective office are being mis-identified as ‘Libertarian’ /LIO spokespeople. In contrast, many public officals are acknowledging that while you can’t win elections with L/libertarians, you will lose elections without them (whether unoffical or official): in the US –receptives are about 16+% and self-identified unofficals at 2%, and given their centrism and political awareness they’re the swing vote (in Florida, US the GOP and Democrats both explicitly try to court Libs or libertarians or at least not outrage them). Thus president Obama is well-aware he owes his election to pro-libertarians, and has led many libertarian-agreeable policies: a middle class tax cut, low deficit, space industrialization privatization, legality of arms in US parks, etc. For clarification I re-affirm the 1971 policy that most Libs use: Conservatives lag about 100 years behind Libertarians, and progressives 50 years ( hence the reversal of progressives on gay issues) as necessary social brakes and accelerators and advocates of their own interests: we ask only for fair dialogue on rights-based, voluntary options for citizens, and on both right- and left-extremism. Thus if no libertarian-sensitive or at least center to progressive woman/ minority candidate is available, pro-libertarians should vote for deadlock to enforce centrism and dialogue as follows: Nationally/locally a progressive executive/ upper body and conservative lower body; trans-nationally/regionally the reverse.


Finally, we’ve experimented with several blogs emphasizing edgy science and lifetool info for our fans. We’ll be providing these regularly in due course as a free benefit.


USAGE Note: I’ve been asked several times on LIO usages of the terms Libertarian, government, abortion, and anarchism. It seems the USLP sheet on the subject is no longer distributed. Our focus is using terms in the classic and technical sense to aid clarity, especially with things used as auto-antonyms ( confusing words that also mean their opposite) such as government. Government is used to mean rules for officials (NOT the people) especially the military. This is both the classical Aristotelian usage and that of the US Constitution (Article 1, Section 8 ). Government is never to be confused with law, nation, jurisdiction, or common ‘public’ programs or assets. In the US, law and juries are not part of the government, and there is a body of thought the legislature isn’t either—only the executive. Thus people who e.g. call judges or public schools, even though they may improper coercive powers, a part of the government are not entirely correct. Many fans confusingly use government for coercive government programs. In US law the government is a common agent, no more: Weberian and other ‘cult of the omnipotent state usages’ are not used. Following past LIO/League advisor Proudhon, Anarchism is defined as a form of government or constitution where order is maintained through public awareness so punitive rules are increasingly minimized and voluntary associations or agreements used. LIO Libertarianism differs in that it seeks no punitive action, including unfair contracts or non-condign response. Abortion means removal of the pre-born and no more (it includes caesarians, hence the silliness of the pro-life who would ban them); this should be and is becoming non-destructive (think snowflake babies) as technology—once restrained by the pro-life, whose prohibitions resulted in it’s thought 10X more abortions than now—allows. LIO fans work both sides of the issue: privileged decisions for women, better pre-born options. This is an issue of humane behavior; the legal status of the pre-born is irrelevant: Relevant is getting rules out of the way of the science process now solving the problem. In summary, Libertarianism is not anti-government but (Florida) pro-voluntary governance on a libertarian-informed model of direct open democracy, federalism of high-autonomy therein, more autonomous libertarian homes and communities in those. This is not ‘Libertarian’ unless bettered by LIO fans, but technically so so they can work.


Finally, there are 3 types of LIO Libertarians (‘Libs’ ) reflecting 3 levels of participation: Applier, advocate, auditor. Which works for you? Civic (libertarian small-l appliers or users/fans of democracy/SMILE-interest lifestyle tools, the majority of low-key ‘lifestyle’ libertarians); Citizen pledged large-L Libertarian advocates interested in bettering civilization with rights-based less-is-more federal choices, with LIO seniors working directly with us on dialogue for the Gilson Reform; Civil ~160+ IQ LIO auditors home working directly with my family as LIO curators also promoting interest in localist LIO models/imitative eco-homes and -communities. Small-l libertarians speak for themselves on their own projects; large-L Libertarians spokesperson is the chair of their national organization (in the US the www.lp.org  and abroad its correspondents on libertarian-direction projects or ideas they’re doing. That is, no candidate, scholar, or other person is a ‘Libertarian spokesman’ or leader.). For LIO on SMILE we as a group only promote dialogue; on my model and its reform, easily adapted or adopted as a rule of order, the curator views are, as moral authors, final.




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