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Libertarian 3P 'Inter-Foreign Policy' Spreads

Posted on January 1, 2014 at 3:35 PM


 League fan General Eisenhower and JFK called Sister Cities the true defense of democracy--not the US or other military. They met in then LIO curator's Paul Gilson's home to formulate what became the US policy to replace its military with peace organizations.

The LIO and its predecessor, the Libertarian-Liberal League, has been encouraging dialogue and activist contact to bring about world peace through legalization of highly particpative and Federal Liberal Democracy and Libertarian-based community. Libs approach Foreign policy as the province of the pacific citizen, not primarily of public officials however defined--no more then medicine or daily health is about just emergency ambulances.

Most military officials now agree, deploring 'mission creep' and other mis-use of troops for every emergency while discounting the primary role and the need for  diplomats, private support groups and the average citizen. As one activist in Serbia, Tim Krsmanovic --honored with other Lib/LIO supporters who led the transition from coercive communist dictators-- put it: Don't send Marines, send Libertarian ideas ( See www.isil.org/resources/fnn/2003summer/vilnius-report.html ;).

Pro-libertarian candidates, public officials, and LIO Friends who wish to explain Libertarian themes to the public should be aware of publicizing the '3P' process. that Libertarianism does not focus on emergency-foreign/military policy but helping define and lead on  inter-foreign policy and civil defense truly led by citizens to bring peace, cultural exchange, and mutual trade and prosperity among inhabitants of  sister democracies--and handle emergencies by, on the whole, preventing them while laying the better basis for citizen networking of their own more nuanced response.What is 3 P?

  1. Proaction through citizen-paradiplomacy and prepping leaders.
  2. Problem-reaction by limited official, private/private-public character responders.
  3. Problem elimination through aggressive  Lib program spread.



The LIO hopes that all countries will legalize  insured militia/emergency groups and limit their armed forces to emergency-self-defense/internal operations with even formal abolition of the military component as Costa Rica has done. The UN guarantor nations--China, France, Great Britain, Russia, US the same with the US continuing the movement towards itself providing world assistance to Article 33 help on consultation with appropriate partners, especially where humanitarian--instead of lengthy interventions . We encourage dialogue on ending all forms of draft, emphasis on diplomacy, and transparent voluntary endowments to fund armed forces--not destabilizing coerced taxation or deficit policies unknown tomost citizens-- while not passing statutes which interfere with citizen's righs to arm themselves or have emergency preparations. No country should involve armed forces except to help protect observers of democratic-secular transition or elections; in emergency disaster operation where requested; and where terror is a factor should emphasize rewards for turning in suspects for a fair trial by a jury with primary work by police and citizen advice to local officials which has proven most effective and respectful of local rights.


The LIO will continue to inform distinguished statespersons and diplomatists of all parties and countries of these SMILE-interest themes. As LIO interested public officials grow in each country these views continue to become the normalized paradigm. The LIO encourages all supporters in initiating presentations and dialogues on these lines. Foreign policy, with the presence of  pro-Libertarians and LIO activists in every country, is becoming increasingly irrelevant as the 3P themes spread.

Candidates, activists and public officials should focus on a) How they can stautes get out of the way of the 3 P process; b) Encourage citizens through non-coercive tax/ non-monopoly community entities within their jurisdiction, c) See that public agencies are on -point and not misused for politicizing reasons through transparency. A presidential or local candidate might e.g. focus dialogue on starting a national-local conversation on what citizens can do or are doing to lead the process, and cost containment through suggestions by the responders.

Prepared by Ralph Swanson with Barbara Branden 2009 and privately circulated to Islamic leaders. Revised and late published 2014 in 2015.

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