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Posted on June 26, 2012 at 8:45 AM

LIO  Friends and fans are interested citizens or dedicated comunity leaders and activists who start or share autonomous projects such as here where Libs and others woirk on border issues in Central Asia ...encouraged by groups such as the Tajikistan Free Market Center .

These are part  of wider citizen-driven efforts to bring freer immigration, trade, and peaceful co-operation.  Many such activists work through-- or using free tools-- of the Atlas Network, created at  meetings funded and hosted by then co-ordinator Goodwill Ambassador Hon. Lillian de Lemos of the Dominican Republic and facilitated by then co-ordinator in training Michael Gilson-De Lemos (MG). We invite you to participate free and share your secular good work including personal SMILE projects.

LIO fans in our d-bases number over 1 million as we approach Libertarian Day July 17th, distributed in every country with large concentrations in the US, China, and Europe. Though LIO takes in no money with volunteers applying their autonomous effort and is completely non-partisan and private--it is now the largest rights, voluntary reforms and scientific progress encouragement network in history. According to Facebook, advisory groups such as the LIO Friends alone make shares ‘go viral’ to 20% of users, with a reach potential over 2 million. Some 600 Fellows advance intriguing or seminal ideas on SMILE lines…from plans to privately eco-colonize Mars…to time-travel debates…to calls for universal free youth education in violence mediation, statistics and logic. This expansion of the old Liberal-Libertarian Leagues from a few freethinker leaders, republican champions, and sympathetic officials has new needs.

LIO is re-configuring this and specialty sites as follows (please check above and at sidebars for current links):

1. This site is being gradually moved to main focus on Fellow’s SMILE work and LIO reviews, with an eventual Fellow’s e-journal. New sites are being made for Group and the burgeoning LIO Friends with a ‘wins’ blog showcasing beneficial work in every country by Libertarian users and general LIO fans . Our co-editor SMILE blog at www.TheLibertarian.Info  to supplement the Twitter has been well-received averaging 100 new people and 30 views an hour as we enter tips of the day…plus the information of the first generation of civic libertarians that was, as Dr. Swanson put it, ‘in our heads’ so the once small and intimate but now world users can take advantage and correct misperceptions. Much of this information correct misperceptions promoted by Wikipedia and scholars who have never consulted us—such as mis-definitions of mini-archism, general ignorance of ‘Lib history’ and needed links to goals and other statements or edgy SMILE efforts. The curator has started a Facebook site to share his occasional highlights of ‘where we’ll be’ and Tiger Team (lead activist) shares sent to him, and where you can share your links on futurist and other topics.Also, a section to disseminate via web LIO-specific 'memes' suggested by the curator is under study.

2. The support sites and co-related blogs and e-groups for the support areas of the Libertarian Citizen Community project are being slowly fashioned for official launch. Beginning late 2013 we expect some 100 local communities to advance both SMILE sharing and eventual LIO model eco-communities and in time, model towns or neighborhoods while encouraging more aware Lib-based community from condos up. These support projects, while curated for purposes of continuity by the Gilson household are functionally autonomous from LIO and the communities. Communities will help network community leaders and welcome all LIO-interest projects from www.ISIL.org  and www.StudentsForLiberty.org  discussion groups to common ground initiatives of a co-op and eco-interest nature to local science and autonomy citizen groups. In addition, as we now have functional contact groups in every country, we’re consulting on where they would prefer to have a permanent platform of a portal nature. Our aim is for these to become features of the local landscape uniting many of the most intelligent and community aware, and serve as networks and hosts of designed communities as not only conservators of local needs but incubators of beneficial change through dialogue, and enjoyable shared activities in a non-attack, ‘we’re Switzerland’ atmosphere beyond parties.

3. We are consulting to reconfigure our ‘movement portal’ to better reflect Fellow’s projects by 2015. We will continue to add links to LIO/SMILE general alert e-groups. Depending on who is social networking ‘top dog’ we’re considering a general fan group in one or several social networks beyond our Twitter one. Several fans have started exemplary projects which we may highlight due to their ongoing nature in spreading ideas.

Our volunteers suggest changes to make the sites not necessarily pretty but reflective of stated activist needs and usability. We’re very grateful for the positive feedback and kudos, and honored to be as one stated ‘The de facto world Salon, cheering section and workshop for a better voluntary world’ thanks to their ideas, successes, and shared efforts. Finally, we’ve become aware that with growth the Libertarian Standards sheet has ceased to circulate, and as curator we’ve been consulting on language for an inter-networked world and will re-issue them to end confusion by 2016.

As we help each country reaches saturation college (we estimate 25% ) education with improved and free citizen sharing of information levels, we’re seeing a new world where SMILE concepts are an essential tool to initiate dialogue and research. When in doubt, remember our team motto: With dialogue on voluntary alternatives, things improve.


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