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ALBUM: Libertarios Liberales Latinos: Adelante to A Latin Beat

Posted on May 10, 2016 at 12:50 AM

Now in every nation there  with LIO users, autonomous think tanks, and a growing number of 'Partidos Libertarios' a review of some of the photos sent us of the amazing enthusiasm in discussing Libertarian Philosophy and applied philosophy in daily life and service areas...

(Above)  Latin American Women like artist-petitioner Ester Mendez Delgado of Costa Rica set a new beat as Latin Libertarian-Liberals in a new generation leave the think tanks to Hit the Streets for open dialogue on ballot access, crime and corruption data transparency, and natural co-operatives.

Other organizing issues include proposals for more neighborhood governance and  'libertarian community areas' plus voluntary governance privatizations that actually work--and a free immigration and free trade treaty of the regions, then the Americas.

 the "Abraham Lincoln of Latin America" LIO curator, philosopher, 1904-5 revitalization co-founder  after whom the current curator is named: Michael Francis Lemos, who co-founded the Brazilian Republic, co-designed its flag, tried to turn positivism to libertarian pathways, and led the peacful emancipation of the slaves...

 Argentina and Brasil activists meet...

 Ecuador conference...Libertarians there are working on reviving the free immigration pact for the Americas--the San Lorenzo treaty...




 Costa Rica



 Rep. Mireya Zamora Alvarado







 Hispanos en EE. UU.

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